Sovereign Elizabeth Gold Coin | 1957- present


Sovereign Elizabeth Gold Coin | 1957- present

Weight: 7.32 g
Purity: 917 / 1000
Country: United Kingdom
Mint: The Royal Mint
Tax: Taxfree accord. to §25c UStG
Packing: Single in Bag
Grading: Circulated, fine
Currently not available
Sell back price: € 332.03
Product Description

The Elizabeth Gold Sovereign was the first mass produced 22 karat gold coin of the Queen’s reign. The original design features the first bullion coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, created by artist Mary Gillick. The reverse side depicts the iconic image of St. George and the dragon, which first appeared on the Sovereign in 1817.

In 1957, Gold Sovereigns made their return after an absence of almost 20 years. Gold Sovereign coins are produced by the Royal Mint and are an important part of British history.

Product Specifications

The Elizabeth Sovereign gold coin is available in a Full Sovereign and a Half Sovereign. The dimensions for the Elizabeth Full Gold Sovereign are listed below.

Gross Weight: 7.98 g

Gold Weight: 7.315 g

Diameter: 22.05

Purity: .9167/1000


Sovereign Elizabeth gold coins all depict the portrait of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Depending on the year issue, there are different portraits of the Queen that reflect her changing appearance during her reign.

Also, the inscription around the outer edge will be slightly different depending on the year of issue. However, the name “ELIZABETH II” will appear on all editions along with the latin words that translate “Queen, by grace of God or “Queen by grace of God, defender of the faith”.

The 5 different portraits of the Queen that appear on the Elizabeth Sovereign are as follows:

  • Elizabeth II Young Head 1957-1968 (Mary Gillick Portrait)

  • Elizabeth II Decimal Head 1974-1984 (Arnold Machin RA Portrait)

  • Elizabeth II Third Head 1985-1997 (Raphael Maklouf Portrait)

  • Elizabeth II Fourth Head 1998-2015 (Ian-Rank Broadley FRBS Portrait)

  • Elizabeth II Fifth Head 2016- current (Jody Clark Portrait)

The reverse side will depict the famous St. George and the dragon design that was created by Italian artist, Benedetto Pistrucci. The date of issue will appear below the motif.

Product Details

Manufacturer: Royal Mint
Year: Different
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Fineness: .9167 / 1000
Scratch resistance: Good