Queen's Beasts Black Bull 2oz Silver Coin 2018


Queen's Beasts Black Bull 2oz silver coin 2018 motif

Weight: 62.20 g
Purity: 999.9/1000
Country: United Kingdom
Mint: The Royal British Mint
Packing: 20 per tube
Masterbox: 200
Grading: Mint State; Uncirculated
Tax: Taxfree acc. to article 17(1)3 Eston. VAT Act
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Product Description

The Queen's Beasts Black Bull 2 ​​ounces silver coin 2018, the fifth release of the 10-part "Queen's Beasts" series. The Queen's Beasts silver coins are minted by the prestigious Royal Mint in Wales. These high value-added coins are popular with both investors and collectors.

The Queen's Beasts Black Bull 2oz Silver Coin 2018 is issued with a fine weight of 62.206 grams, a high fineness of 999.9/1000 and a diameter of 38.61 mm.

The Queen's Beasts are ten heraldic statues representing the pedigree of Queen Elizabeth II. Each of the statues shows a heraldic animal a sign. The coat of arms or badge on the shield shows the connection to the royal ancestry of the Queen. Each of these families have been involved in the development of the United Kingdom.


The motif page of the Queen's Beasts "Black Bull of Clarence" shows a bull standing up with a shield that depicts the arms of the monarch houses of Lancaster and Tudor The shield shows three white lilies as a symbol of claim to the throne of France and three superimposed lions, the symbolic animal of Richard the Lionheart.

As with the previously issued coins of the series, the background depicts an intricate design of filigree intertwined limbs, reminiscent of a chain mail of the armed forces.

The inscriptions are located in a smooth edge area and read: "Black Bull of Clarence" • 2oz • Fine Silver • 999.9 • 2018 • JC ". The initials "JC" stand for Jody Clark, who designed the motif side of the Queen's Beasts gold coins.

The reverse shows Queen Elizabeth II. The background consists of a roughly grained surface. The marginal label reads "Elizabeth II • D • G • Reg • F • D • 100 Pounds".

Product Details

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Manufacturer: Royal Mint
Year of issue: 2018
Fineness: 999.9 / 1000
Fine weight: 62.206 g
Scratch resistance: Poor
Nominal value: 5 Pounds