Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Coin 2016


Maple Leaf, 1oz Silver Coin 2016

40 Coins at this price
Weight: 31.10 g
Purity: 999.9 / 1000
Country: Canada
Mint: The Royal Canadian Mint
Packing: Single in bag; 25 per Tube
Masterbox: 500
Grading: Mint State; Circulated
Tax: Taxfree acc. to article 17(1)3 Est. VAT Act
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Sell back price: € 20.97
Product Description

The Maple Leaf 1oz silver coin 2016 is one of the best-selling bullion coins in the world, and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Maple Leaf possess a high fineness of 999.9 / 1000 and consistent appearance. The Silver Maple is well recognized and thus mostly tradable with banks and bullion dealers globally.


Size, Weight & Alloy

Maple Leaf Silver 2016The Maple Leaf has a standard size of 1oz with a diameter of 38 mm, a thickness of 3.15 mm and a nominal value of 5 CAD. With the high fineness of 999.9/1000, the 2016 Maple Leaf is made of pure silver and therefore is not an alloy. A small disadvantage is the low scratch resistance, which all silver coins with a high silver content have.


Weight Fineweight Diameter Thickness Nominal Value
1oz 31,103 g 38,0 mm 3,15 mm 5 CAD


Appearance Maple Leaf Silver 2016

The appearance of the Maple Leaf has changed slightly since 2013, as a security feature has been added, the laser engram. In addition, Maple Leaf silver coins from 2015 feature radial lines. Other features are the rippled edge and an edge bar, which give the Maple Leaf 2016 silver coin an additional protection against manipulation and stackability.



Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Coin 2016The front depicts a Maple Leaf (Maple Leaf). The display is very detailed, showing the fine veins of the leaf. The laser mark security feature is minted below the motif on the right side in the form of another - small - maple leaf. The last two digits of the current year are lasered and are not visible to the naked eye. Only the 1oz Maple Leaf silver and gold coins carry this type of security feature. The country “CANADA” shows above the motif. Left and right of the Maple Leaf the fineness "9999" is engraved. The fine weight "1oz" can be found on the bottom edge next to the words “FINE SILVER” and “ARGENT PUR” of the coin.



Maple Leaf 1oz Silver 2016The back of the Maple Leaf 2016 silver coin depicts, as it is standard for all Commonwealth coins, the current regent of the United Kingdom. The Maple Leaf in silver has displayed Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side of the coin since 1988. Above the design reads the name "Elizabeth II" and below, the denomination and the year of mintage  "5 Dollars 2016" are engraved.



Story Maple Leaf

In 1988 the first Maple Leaf silver coins were issued. The Silver Maple followed the successful Gold Maple Leaf gold coin exactly nine years later after the gold coins was introduced in 1979. The success of the Maple Leaf in silver was not automatic in a competing market, as other major mints such as United States Mint (USA) introduced the American Eagle in silver to the market in 1989. 



The Maple Leaf silver coins are made by the Royal Canadian Mint. It is the official Mint of Canada and reports directly to the Ministry of Finance. Founded in 1908, it is primarily responsible for the production of the Canadian Dollar. Furthermore, it produces many other currencies and various other products such as medals and coins. The Royal Canadian Mint has its headquarters in Ottawa.



Maple Leaf 2016 - Advantages, Disadvantages & Tips

Maple Leaf Silver Coin 2016One of the main advantages of Maple Leaf 1oz silver coins is that they are globally recognized and can be bought and sold almost everywhere. Furthermore, the coin has a high fineness of 999.9/1000 and has the weight of 1oz, which results in a small premium.  

A disadvantage is the VAT, but this can be partially circumvented by buying silver coins under the margin scheme or VAT free in Estonia. An advantage of silver coins over bullion is the closed surface, which means the product will not corrode as much as silver bars.  Cast silver bars corrode very fast and build silver sulfide on the surface.



  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Weight: 31.1035 g
  • Fineness: 999,9 / 1000
  • Fine weight: 1oz
  • Scratch resistance: poor
  • Denomination: CAD 5