Maple Leaf, 1oz Gold, 2013


Maple Leaf 1oz Gold 2013 - Front

Weight: 31.10 g
Purity: 999.9/1000
Country: Canada
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Packing: Single in pouch, 10 in Tube
Grading: Mint-state; Circulated
Tax: Taxfree acc. to §25c UStG 
Currently not available
Sell back price: € 1,507.59
Product Description

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The Canadian Maple Leaf is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1979. Obverse shows the typical Canadian Maple Leaf which makes the coin easy to identify. Inverse shows Queen Elisabeth II. The Canadian Maple Leaf is 999.9/1000 pure and is recognised as one of the top investment coins worldwide. The fineness of 999 point 9 was introduced in 1982 as a world sensation.

The Maple Leaf gold coin is minted in fractions beginning with 1/20 up to 1oz.

Maple Leaf Gold Coin Value

The Maple Leaf gold coin is denominated with $50 and legal tender in the Canadian Currency and Exchange Act as specified in Part 1 of the schedule to the Act. But the Maple Leaf is not viewed as a coin in circulation as the coin is mainly bought by gold investors and numismatists.

The real value of the Maple Leaf is founded in the content of pure gold which is 31.10 grams for the 1oz coin.

Design and Production of the Maple Leaf Gold Coin 

Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins are minted at the headquarters of the Royal Canadian Mint in the city centre of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. To this day the Royal Canadian Mint has produced over 36 million of the Maple Leaf gold coin.

The Royal Canadian Mint has always been innovative and with the beginning of 2013 the mint introduced the first, and currently the only, 1-ounce 99.99% Pure Gold Maple Leaf Bullion coin with visual Security Feature launched by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Intricately micro-engraved design produced by the Mint’s innovative use of laser technology confirms the authenticity of the coin.
An even more secure investment option; the Mint’s 1-ounce GML is an attractive acquisition for both first-time precious metals buyers and long-term investors.

The laser mark will change annually to feature the last two digits of each corresponding year of issue.

The inscriptions of the Maple Leaf gold coin:


  • Elisabeth II
  • 2013
  • 50 DOLLARS


  • 9999 Fine Gold
  • 1 OZ OR PUR 9999

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