Lunar II Monkey 2oz Silver Coin 2016


Lunar II Monkey 2oz Silver Coin 2016

Weight: 62.20 g
Purity: 999/1000
Country: Australia
Mint: The Perth Mint
Grading: Mint State - Uncirculated
Tax: Taxfree acc. to article 17(1)3 Eston. VAT Act
Packing: Single in plastic capsule
Currently not available
Sell back price: € 43.74
Product Description

The 2016 Lunar Monkey 2 oz silver coin is part of the popular Lunar II silver coin series that began in 2008. 2016 marks the “year of the monkey”. Each year in the Lunar II series depicts a different animal motive. 

The Lunar II was introduced in 2008 and runs for 12 years ending with the “year of the pig in 2019. Produced by the Perth Mint in Western Australia, Lunar II Silver coins are one of the best designed and highest quality silver investment products on the market today. 

The monkey ranks as the 9th animal in the 12 year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. The monkey is a symbol of health and wealth. Those born under the influence of this sign are said to be intelligent, quick-witted and adventurous. 

The first Lunar coin series was introduced in 1996 and because of its success, the Lunar II was started in 2008 with the “year of the mouse”.


Key Dimensions 

The key dimensions for the 2 oz 2016 Lunar Monkey are listed below:


Fineweight Diameter Thickness Nominal Value
2 oz 55.60 mm 3.20 mm 2 AUD


Appearance and Design

The obverse of the 2016 Lunar Monkey depicts an adult monkey and a child monkey perched on a peach tree branch. The young monkey is pictured holding a peach in its hand. Also displayed on the obverse is the the mint mark “P” which stands for the Perth Mint. The reverse depicts the iconic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The engravings on the reverse side include “Queen Elizabeth II”, “Australia” “2 oz 999 SILVER”, “2016” and “2 DOLLARS”



One of the benefits of the 2 oz Lunar Monkey 2016 silver coin is that it gives investors a brilliantly designed coin in a higher weight than 1 oz. The Lunar Monkey is unique in that investors can choose between 4 types of higher weight coins, which include 2 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz and 1 kg. 

The Lunar Monkey 2 oz silver has a face value 2 AUD and is considered legal tender in Australia. The coin is also 999/1000 fine silver, which is considered a high purity level. 

The Lunar Monkey is an excellent choice for any investor or collector to consider. The coin has good brand name recognition and can be easily bought and sold at most precious metals dealers around the world.


Product Details 

  • Name: Lunar Monkey
  • Year of Issue: 2016
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Manufacturer: Perth Mint
  • Fineness: 999/1000
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Scratch resistance: poor