Lunar II Goat 1 Kilo Silver Coin 2015


Lunar II Goat 1 Kilo Silver Coin 2015

Limited Quantity - rare Opportunity!
Weight: 1,000.00 g
Purity: 999 / 1000
Country: Australia
Mint: The Perth Mint
Grading: Mint State - Circulated
Packing: Single in plastic capsule
Tax: Taxfree accord. to article 17(1)3 Est. VAT Act
Currently not available
Sell back price: € 685.39
Product Description

Take advantage of the rare opportunity to purchase a few copies of the 2015 Lunar II Goat 1 kilo silver coin. The Lunar II Goat is the 8th coin in the series and produced by the Perth Mint. The Lunar II series started in 2008 following the very successful Lunar I series. The series is modeled after the individual zodiac signs of the Chinese lunar calendar, and has become one of the most popular bullion coin programs from the Perth Mint.

Coins of the Lunar II series are highly sought after by investors and collectors alike. The special feature of Lunar II coins is that the issue price is close to the silver price. Because of the unique designs and limited mintages some editions can quickly develop into collector coins. As a result, Lunar II coins from the Perth Mint belong in the field of semi-numismatics. Further information about semi-numismatics can be found here.

Size, Weight and Alloy

With a diameter of 100.6 mm and a thickness of 14.6 mm, Lunar II 1Kilo silver coins are the largest weight in the series. The coins have a fineness of 999/1000 and the denomination is 30 Australian dollars.


Fine weight



Nominal Value


1,000.00 g

100.6 mm

14.6 mm

30 AUD

The Year of the Goat

Kindness and good nature signify people born in the Year of the Goat. They have artistic talent and elegance. They are often thoughtful, shy and pessimistic. Even if they are not often eloquent, they persistently defend their point of view with passion. The birth years of the Lunar Goat are 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.


The motif page shows three goats in their natural environment. The design of the animals is very realistic with the environment of trees and grasses displayed in the background. In the lower margin is the phrase "Year of the Goat". On the left side is the letter "P", which represents the Perth Mint. The Chinese character for "Goat" is indicated in the middle area between the goats and trees.

The reverse shows the right side profile of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a tiara and earring. Under the motif is the engraving "IRB", which are the initials of artist and coin designer Ian Rank-Broadley.

The marginal label on the back reads "Elizabeth II ● Australia ● 1KG 999 2015 30 Dollars"

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is one of the most renowned mints in the world. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, it primarily processes the precious metals found in Australia such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Some of the most popular products of the Perth Mint include:

  • Australia kangaroo gold and silver coins

  • Lunar I and Lunar II gold and silver coins

  • Kookaburra silver coins

  • Koala silver and platinum coins

  • Perth Mint Gold Bars


Name: Lunar II Goat
Year of minting: 2015
Country of origin: Australia
Manufacturer: Perth Mint
Fineness: 999/1000
Fine weight: 1,000.00 g
Scratch resistance: Poor
Denomination: 30 AUD
Coin edge: fluted