Krugerrand 1oz Gold Coin 1968


Krugerrand 1oz Gold Coin 1968

Weight: 31.10 g
Purity: 917 / 1000
Country: South Africa
Mint: Rand Refinery
Packing: Single; 10 in Tube
Tax: Taxfree acc. to §25c UStG
Grading: Mint State; Circulated
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Sell back price: € 1,930.42
Product Description

The Krugerrand is one of the most famous and also the most successful investment gold coin in the world. The year 1968 had a mintage of 20,000 coins and condition of the here offered 1968 Krugerrands is in pristine-condition. Copper changes color over time, this is the reason why older Krugerrands have the famous red-golden shine. 

This offer is very limited in quantity.

Weight & Size

The gross weight of the 1968 Krugerrand in 1oz is 33.93 grams, with a fine gold content of 31.103 grams, which is equivalent to 22 karats (91.66%) in purity. The diameter is 32.7 mm with a thickness of 2.8 mm.


Ounce Fineweight Diameter Thickness
1oz 31,103 g 32,7 mm 2,8 mm



Gold Alloy

The gold alloy consists of 91.66% gold with 8.34% of copper. This is a classic 22K red-gold-alloy, which is also used for the English Sovereign. The advantage of this alloy is a higher scratch resistance. Coins that do not have the same hardness of the Krugerrand and get scratched over the years often have to be melted down. From 1967 to 1979 Krugerrand gold coins were produced exclusively in the one ounce size. In 1980 fractional weights of ½ oz, ¼ oz and 1/10 ounce were introduced and made available for purchase.


Details 1oz Krugerrand

  • Manufacturer: Rand Refinery
  • Country of origin: South Africa
  • Year of Issue: 1968
  • Diameter: 32.69 mm
  • Thickness: 2.84 mm
  • Gross weight: 33.93 grams
  • Karat: 22 K
  • Fine Weight: 31.1 grams
  • Fineness: 916.66 / 1000
  • Copper content: 8.34%
  • Alloy: Gold/copper alloy
  • Scratch resistance: good
  • Hardness: 57 HB
  • Melting point: about 957 ° C