Krugerrand 1/4oz Gold Coin 2019



Weight: 7.78 g
Purity: 917 / 1000
Country of origin: South Africa
Packing: Single; 20 in tube
Grading: Mint State; Uncirculated
Currently not available
Sell back price: € 384.43
Product Description

The 2019 Krugerrand ¼ ounce gold coin is the latest edition of the series. 2019 is the 52nd annual edition of the Krugerrand gold coin series. The design of the Krugerrand has remained consistent since its introduction in 1967.

Product Highlights

The Krugerrand gold coin of ¼ ounce for 2019 is made of 22 karat (91.67%) gold and is manufactured by the South African Mint.

The motif page of the coin shows the portrait of former South African statesman Paul Kruger. The country of origin is engraved on the upper outer edge.

The reverse shows South Africa's national animal, the springbok antelope. The inscriptions contain the name of the coin, the date of issue and the fine weight.

Product Details

Country of origin: South Africa
Manufacturer: South African Mint
Product name: Krugerrand Gold Coin
Year of issue: 2019
Fineness: 91.67% gold
Alloy: gold-copper
Diameter: 22.06 mm
Fine Weight: 1/4 oz
Gross weight: 8.482 grams
Scratch resistance: Good