Krugerrand 1/10oz Gold Coin


Krugerrand 1/10oz Gold Coin

We do not have influence on the years of the Krugerrands.
Weight: 3.11 g
Purity: 917/1000
Country: South Africa
Mint: Rand Refinery
Year: Different Years
Packing: Single in bag
Grading: Extremely fine - Circulated
Tax: Tax Free according to §25c UStG

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Sell back price: € 156.76
Product Description

As Krugerrand gold coins are recognised globally buy, sell in short trade is easy around the world. The fractional 1/10oz Krugerrand is the smallest and lightest denominated gold coin of the Krugerrand series. These lovely coins are minted since 1980 from the Rand Refinery in South Africa.


Alloy and Weight

With the weight of one tenth of an (troy-) ounce the Krugerrand 1/10oz is the smallest denominated coin of the series. Perfectly produced in a 22 carat gold and copper alloy the coin contains 91.66% gold and 8.34% copper. The fine weight of 3.11 grams equals exactly 1/10 of an ounce of pure gold. By adding copper to the alloy the Krugerrand shines in its typical red-golden appearance. The copper oxidises over time which means each Krugerrand may appear slightly different depending on storage conditions.

The 22 carat gold-copper alloy is mainly used to extend durability and scratch resistance. As gold is a very soft metal, mixing copper into the alloy makes the Krugerrand coins more resistance to scratches. This method was actually adapted from the gold Sovereign coins in circulation. These coins could be handed, traded and transported more easily without getting worn out.



The 1oz Krugerrand was first minted in South Africa in 1967. Smaller denominations such as ½, ¼ and 1/10oz were introduced by the Rand Refinery in 1980. The success of the Krugerrand is also explained with the fact that gold was traded freely from 17th March 1968 without the influence of the USA.


1/10oz Krugerrand Pros 


  • Globally recognised
  • Krugerrands trade worldwide
  • Quick trade in small quantities possible
  • Small space for storage needed
  • Small Premium due to high annual mintage



Krugerrand 1/10oz Details

  • Mint: Rand Refinery 
  • Country of Origin: Südafrika
  • Diameter: 16.50 mm
  • Thickness: 1.19 mm
  • Carat: 22 K
  • Alloy: Red-gold
  • Fineness: 916.66/1000
  • Gold content: 91.66 %
  • Copper content: 8.34 %
  • Scratch resistance: good
  • Brinell Hardness: approx. 57HB 
  • Melting Point: ca. 957°C 
  • First issue: 1980