Kookaburra Silver Coins

Kookaburra silver coins were first issued in 1990 by the Perth Mint, Australia's oldest mint. The investment coin is minted exclusively in silver and is dedicated to the world's largest kingfisher, which is also known under the name Kookaburra. The bird is native to Eastern Australia and is well known for its distinct laughing call.  

With its unique designs, the Australian Kookaburra is a sought after silver coin series among investors and collectors alike. The Kookaburra is a high quality silver coin that is well recognized globally and one of the long standing products of the Perth Mint. 


Fine Weight and Fineness

Kokkaburra silverThe 1oz, 10oz and 1 kilo Kookaburra silver coins are made with a fineness of 999/1000 which is standard for silver bullion coins. Because of the high purity, the Kookaburra can be susceptible to surface scratches. As a result, the silver coins should be left in their protective capsules to avoid damage. 


Kookaburra Größen

Size Weight Diameter ThicknessFineness
1 kg 1 kg 101 mm 14,4 mm 999/1000
10 oz 311 g 75,5 mm 8,7 mm 999/1000
2 oz 62,20 g 53,3 mm 4,5 mm 999/1000
1 oz 31,103 g 40,6 mm 4,0 mm 999/1000



Kookaburra silver coins have a changing annual main motive. However, each edition always shows an Australian Kookaburra in its natural environment. The Kookaburra is the largest species in the genus of kingfishers. Its plumage is off-white colored and the tops of its wings are brown. 

The Kookaburra silver coins feature the typical edge bar and a rippled edge. The edge bar in this case has the function of protecting the motif, and provides stability and stackability. The brilliant uncirculated Kookaburra editions made for investors feature brilliant motifs and matte backgrounds. With the Kookaburra in proof version this is reversed, matte motifs and brilliant backgrounds. 


kokkaburra silver coinThe obverse always shows at least one Kookaburra bird. The basic design of the coin was changed several times over the years. From 1990 to 2003 versions were made with a decorative circle and from 2004 the Kookaburra silver coins came without a decorative circle, but with a narrow outer edge where the description of the coin is imprinted. The inscription on the front reads the name of the coin "Australian Kookaburra" the year of issue, fine weight, fineness and the metal "Silver".


Kokkaburra back silverThe backside of all Commonwealth coins adorns the rulers of the United Kingdom. Kookaburra silver coins are no exception and since 1990 depict various profiles of Her Majesty "Queen Elizabeth II". The label of the back reads the name of the regent "Elizabeth II", the Country "Australia" and the denomination.



Kookaburra silver coins have been produced since 1990 by the Australian Perth Mint. They were the first very successful silver bullion coin of the Perth Mint. The other Silver coins that have been introduced by the Perth Mint include: the Koala (2007), Lunar II (2008) and Kangaroo (2016) series. 

In 1990 the first edition of the Kookaburra was minted exclusively in the 1oz size . A year later the 2oz, 10oz and a 1kg version in proof quality were added. From 1992, all sizes were minted in brilliant uncirculated condition. In years 1991 and 1992 the 2oz, 10oz and 1kg had the same motif as the first Kookaburra 1oz edition in 1990.  

Beginning in 1993 all coin sizes received the annually changing Avers motifs. The mintage of the 2oz Kookaburra was ceased after 2009. The annual coinage of the 1oz Kookaburra amounted to 300,000 pieces annually in 2010 and from 2011 was increased to a maximum of 500,000 coins. 


Proof Quality

Besides the Kookaburra in the brilliant uncirculated version a number of special editions in high relief, proof quality are also available. These include, versions that are partially gilded with Privy Marks.  

These editions of silver coins are of particular interest to collectors, due to the generally limited mintage and other special features. In 2005 the production of Kookaburras in proof quality was stopped.


Perth Mint

The Australian “Perth Mint" is one of the most reputable manufacturers of investment gold and silver coins worldwide. The Perth Mint was established in 1899 as a branch of the Royal Mint in England.  

The Perth Mint remained under the British until 1970 when ownership transferred to the state government of Western Australia. After ownership transferred, the mint’s new direction was formalized with the creation the “Gold Corporation” by a state act of parliament. This gave the Gold Corporation the mandate to mint and market gold, silver and platinum Australian legal tender coins and bullion to investors and collectors worldwide.   

The Perth Mint also has its own refinery and goldsmiths and processes gold, silver platinum and palladium products.


Investment products of Perth Mint



Kookaburra Value

kokkaburraThe value or price of the Kookaburra is composed of the current silver price, VAT and the premium. 

The current price of the metal silver accounts for the largest part of the price of the coin. Silver itself is freely traded on the exchanges in the world and is subject to price volatility. Therefore, professional bullion dealers update their prices according to the base metal price movement every few minutes. 

The second component of silver coin prices is VAT. Investors in Europe should be aware that VAT is charged on the sale of silver bullion in most European countries. Therefore, investors should make themselves familiar with local VAT rates as it is a price factor to consider. 

The third component is the premium that contains all costs and margin of the dealer and the Mint.



Usually higher weight Kookaburra silver coins trade at lower premiums. Dealers also often offer volume discounted prices, which means a lower price is typically given for larger quantity purchases. 

The purchase of Kookaburra under the margin scheme may be a good option for investors to consider. However, before buying silver, investors should familiarize themselves with CelticGold Estonia, which sells VAT free legal tender silver coins to Europeans from our branch in Estonia. We have more information on the program below. 

Another tip when buying silver is that investors should become familiar with the recent history of silver prices in order to make informed decisions when buying. Buying at the right time is a key factor in maximizing investment returns. 

Silver is a very soft metal and therefore Kookaburra coins should be handled very carefully to avoid scratches or other damage.



As we mentioned above there is VAT on silver in most European countries. Estonia is one of the only European countries that does not charge VAT on legal tender silver coins. As a result, investors who buy legal tender silver coins through CelticGold Estonia are able to do so VAT free. 

Once purchased, the coins can be shipped with a specialized courier company to any country in the European Union. This is one of the lowest cost ways to purchase silver in Europe.


  • Country: Australia
  • Mint: Perth Mint
  • First edition: 1990
  • Fineness: 999/1000
  • Fine weight: 1oz, 2oz, 10oz, 1kg
  • Scene Avers: Kookaburra (Kingfisher)
  • Scene lapel: Queen Elizabeth II
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