Koala Silver Coins

Koala silver coins are issued by the renowned Perth Mint in Australia. The motif of the coin series changes annually. The investment coin is available in five different weights, the 1 oz variant is the best selling coin of the series.


Weights, sizes and denominations 

There are a total of five different sizes of Koala silver coins. The fineness is 999/1000 which is standard for investment silver coins.


Fineweight oz Fineweight Gram Diameter Thickness Nominal Value
1/10 oz 3,11 g 20,6 mm 2,00 mm 0,30 AUD
½ oz 15,55 g 32,1 mm 3,10 mm 0,50 AUD
1 oz 31,103 g 40,6 mm 4,00 mm 1 AUD
10 oz 311,03 g 75,5 mm 8,70 mm 10 AUD
1 kg 1 kg 101 mm 14,6 mm 30 AUD


History and Appearance

Koala SilverThe first edition of the Koala silver coins was introduced to the market in 2007, which is exactly one year before the Lunar II series started. In 2007 only 1oz silver coins were minted but one year later more weights followed: ½ oz, 10 oz and 1 kg.

In 2011 a 1/10 oz Koala was first minted which is a very unusual weight for silver coins. Unlike the Lunar II silver coin series there is no limitation of annual mintage limitiation making Koala silver coins a true investment coin. The coin is legal tender in Australia.

Koala silver coins have a border rod and rippled edge. Coins featuring an edge rod have better stability and stackability, because it is a little higher and thus enhances the coin. The rippled edge is used to prevent counterfeits. Also interesting to note is that the rippled edge is added to the rounds before the actual minting process.

Australian Koala Silver 1ozThe front of the Koala always shows one or more Koala bears, usually they are seated on a tree. The obverse of the coin has been redesigned and shows the name of the coin, mintage, fine weight, fineness and "Silver" next to the border bar.

As a special feature the motif design is very close to the edge bar of the Koala Silver Coin. This is unusual and not typically seen with many other silver products. On the front there is also the Mint Mark "P" which stands for Perth Mint.

The back shows the profile of Queen Elizabeth II in an inner circle. On the edge side of the lapel, the name of the coin "Australian Koala", the Country "Australia" and the denomination can be seen.


Editions Koala

Annual output has increased since the beginning of coining the Koala. The year 2011 was particularly successful with 910,480 pieces minted in the Koala 1oz. So nearly a million ounces was achieved.


Year 1/2 oz 1 oz 10 oz 1 kg
2007 - 137.768 - -
2008 13.944 84.057 4.367 13.188
2009 15.334 336.757 6.556 34.947
2010 13.315 233.531 12.928 30.692
2011 76.755 910.480 10.051 75.712
2012 118.577 388.046 17.132 19.511
2013 84.184 477.209 15.642 51.296
2014 81.752 334.884 17.985 25.194


Perth Mint

Behind the Koala silver coins is one of the most prestigious mints of the world. The Perth Mint, based in Perth / Australia opened in 1899 as a branch of the Royal Mint London.

It has its own goldsmith, refining facilities and manufactures many famous and popular gold coins and bullion. From it’s founding up until the 1st July of 1970, the Perth Mint was under British law. In 1970 the ownership was transferred to the Australian government.

2011 was a milestone of the Perth Mint by producing the World’s largest gold coin. The "Australian Kangaroo" from the Kangaroo series has a weight of about 1 ton, and a diameter of 80 cm with a thickness of about 12 cm.


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Price of Koala Silver Coins

Koala CoinThe price of silver coins consists of the current silver price, VAT and premium. The price of silver is constantly changing, as it is freely traded on the exchanges of the world. In addition VAT has to be paid in all EU countries except Estonia. Here gold has an advantage, since the purchase and sale of investment gold coins are VAT exempt. But the premium is not negligible, it included the manufacturers and sellers production and others cost plus their margin.



Buyers of silver coins such as the koala should consider several factors before buying. First, you should buy silver coins when the price of silver is as low as possible.

Second, there are significant differences in premiums. As a result you should compare the various silver coins and weights. Differences of 20% are quite possible and excessive premiums should be avoided from the perspective of an investor.



  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Manufacturer: Perth Mint
  • Fineness: 999/1000
  • Scratch resistance: poor
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