20 September 2016

Ended 31st Dec 2016 - Win 5oz FREE Gold and Silver by Entering into the CelticGold 2016 Gold Draw

FREE Gold Draw 2016

Update January 1st 2017: Happy New Year! The FREE Gold Draw ended 31st Dec 2016 - midnight UK time. Thank you all for participating. We will announce the winners at the end of next week on January 8th.

CelticGold is launching a Free Gold Draw that begins on September 20th 2016. Customers who purchase more than 1,000 Euros of gold or silver from CelticGold will automatically be entered into the big draw. (The order number is the ticket.) Winners will be selected at the end of the year.

The winners will receive:

1st Prize - 5 x 1oz Gold Coins, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf or Kangaroo’s

2nd Prize - 100 x 1oz Silver Kangaroo coins

3rd Prize - 1 x 1 Kilo Lunar II Rooster Silver Coin 2017

Every order of more than 1,000 Euros worth of gold or silver will automatically enter the draw from now until the time of the drawing at the end of the year.

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CelticGold Free Gold Draw Process and FAQ’s

  • Gold draw runs between between September 20th 2016 and December 31st 2016

  • Winners will be selected in the first week of January via Videocast with a Notary

  • Each order of 1,000 Euro or more will receive a ticket that qualifies for entry into the gold draw.

  • Customers who refer a friend who then purchases more than 1,000 Euros of gold or silver from CelticGold are eligible to receive an additional entry ticket into the drawing.

  • CelticGold will post periodic updates on the 2016 Free Gold Draw to the CelticGold website and Gold Bulletin Subscribers. So be sure to check-in periodically to the website for updates.


FREE Gold Draw FAQs:

What orders qualify?

Every order - gold and silver - above 1,000 Euro.

Is there an order limit?

No, every paid order above 1,000 enters the draw.

For example: Can I order twenty times for each above 1,000 Euros and redeem 20 tickets?

Yes, you can. You can also store these orders and then ship them combined to save on shipping charges.

I get two tickets for my order when I refer a friend. How does this work?

When you email us the name and number of your friends order, we put two tickets into the draw for your related previous order. Your friend needs to be a new customer to CelticGold and he or she needs to order products above 1,000 Euros to qualify for the draw.

I ordered but didn’t pay, do I receive a ticket too?

No, only paid orders enter the FREE Gold draw.

What Gold products exactly can I win?

The 1st prize will receive 5 x 1oz Gold coins of the top investment products of either Maple Leaf, Krugerrand and/or Kangaroo - the winner can decide which coins or assortment we will ship.

Are the winners shipments insured or do I have to pay anything to redeem the winning prize?

No, all charges are paid for, the shipment will be insured. Only shipping addresses within the EU can be served.

Do Cash paid orders enter the Draw?

No, as the orders are done without a name and address on the receipt.

Should I win, can I add the winning prize to my storage account?

Sure you can. Gold will be stored in Frankfurt with Prosegur, Silver will be stored in Tallinn with G4S, the usual free storage period of 3 months applies.

Author: celticgold.eu

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