24 February 2013

What’s next?

On this journey from paper-currency to the real deal – gold and silver … one has to remove veils upon veils of illusions to come to the core and truth about money.

You did or will find it’s all simulation. Simulation is best explained in the Matrix film: You probably remember the scene in the beginning of movie when Morpheus and the guys initially get in contact with Neo on his computer screen first: ‘Follow the white rabbit… Knock, knock…’ and then Neo’s friend ready to go clubbing shows up being late.

Neo walks to the shelf and opens a book called ‘Simulacra and Simulation’ and gives his friend the disc that was hidden in the book. In the ‘Making of the Matrix films’ Keanu Reeves says that he had to read two books and one of them was Simulacra and Simulation before he was even allowed to read the script for Matrix. Keanu says in the interview, that the book highlighted that many things in this world are a Simulation of the real – most of the things we see in today’s world are not real.

If you’ve got the Matrix DVD… watch the Making of, it’s so interesting. Looking at the current monetary system you can see it’s a simulation. All the paper Euros, Dollars and Yens are backed by nothing than a promise. That’s the easy part.

Then when you start to think about investing, you’re highly bombarded with advice from the system. Once you are invested and more rules and regulations get imposed on you to the point where just coping with all the changes, you’re far removed from anything that is close to real. That is one part of the control mechanism… they keep you busy. It’s another simulated and artificial cycle of busyness.

You’re still in the simulated advisor show of ‘This is very complicated, this is guaranteed (from whom? The government, the bank?), we’re the biggest firm in the market, this is the best product for you; trust us, bla, bla, vomit.

I know many of you have taken on to the task of getting back to the realdeal when it comes to money, and I honour you, as it takes courage to act on this truth. And we won’t let you down getting the right information to you as long as we can.

Having lifted this veil of illusion for yourself it’s easy to become angry, emotional and rebellious against the system and the lies they‘re telling us. But that is a trap – this experience is in the ‘Just another lesson learned’ department. So the task is, to see it for what it is, learn the lesson, stay calm and move on.

So after you went through all that information and dug deeper to the core and looked at these things:

  • - How the system manipulates you,
  • - the Banks rip you off,
  • - the manipulation in the gold markets,
  • - the manipulation of statistics,
  • - that there is no real economical recovery,
  • - how inflation works,
  • - where you get the correct news from,

and gained the understanding of it all: What’s next?

Money is only one aspect in the overall simulation and we concentrate on money here simply because it’s the purpose of this newsletter to transport truthful information about money. But as said in the last newsletter every aspect of you that is linked to the system meets the same fate as the system.

And we would like to help you to become free in the money department. This is why we encourage you all the time to dig deeper, to go beyond the illusion and to challenge what is believed.

So after you did all the work and moved into safety – What’s next? Calmness, safety, detachment, freedom, more time and more energy.

Once you’re there you can follow and read the news without being attached to it. No more drama, no more emotion you unlinked yourself from the system. You know what you know… you become detached and centred. If you don’t lock horns with the system or bang on every door trying to teach people then you reach a calmness and safety.

Being free from the system in the money department allows you to care for people and your loved ones as your thoughts and feelings are not centred on coping with rules and survival anymore.

Once you’re ‘there’ you don’t need to watch news all the time, you know what’s going on. The good news is we’re in the end of this paper-currency cycle and eventually the systems of control will be destroyed. But destruction doesn’t mean someone throwing a bomb somewhere. No, the system has a self-destructing component programmed within, it’s called interest.

So you don’t actually have to do anything as long as you saved and prepared yourself. Your view on things becomes deeper, wider – as a broader range of information comes to you.

We’ll address the Self-destructive component of the system ‘Interest’ in the next newsletter and explain how it works.

So, after you lifted the veils of illusions, the simulation of the value of money and moved into gold, you reach a centeredness, a calmness and have more energy to focus on things you really love – free from the enslavement of system. This is ‘What’s next’.

Author: celticgold.eu

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