28 July 2013

What Does Gold Investing Have in Common With the Boxer Rocky Balboa

What Does Gold Investing Have in Common With the Boxer Rocky Balboa


Gold (and silver) investors have the attitude of boxing fighters. This is really cool. By saying “boxing fighters” I don’t mean this literally; I am referring to having the mind-set of a fighter.


In reply to the question: How long can they continue manipulating gold and silver and when will we see the precious metals rally again? On the All Ireland Gold Tour I often used the metaphor of the Rocky movies.


The boxer Rocky gets beaten up for 14 rounds but he just refuses to give up. He gets up all the time – last man standing. After 14 rounds he turns the whole fight around and finally beats up his opponent in the 15th round.


Transporting this little analogy into the gold investors’ daily challenges; it simply means that you do not give in as long as the fundamentals do not say otherwise. As we have often discussed before the system goes down it tries to embed fear and doubt in our hearts and minds. People that will hold physical gold and silver will eventually have the only purchasing power in global recognized monetary form. The system knows this and they are doing everything possible to scare people out of gold and silver.


  1. You know what you know – Continue to review the fundamentals in regular time frames and do not move until the fundamentals have changed

  2. You win by not giving in – It’s a mind game.

  3. “It’s not over ‘til it’s over” – This means you have to be in the end game during the 15th round no matter how many times your “beaten up”. Meaning how many times some scary news hits the wire making you doubtful.



Our opponent: stronger, longer reach                                 Boom, the gold price drops by

More power (on first site)                                                       30% percent



Hanging in there                                   checking on the strategy


Get up and fight back


Be Rocky or Rocky-Anne have the mindset of a fighter and be strong – the victory is ours. There’s 5 more rounds to go; ding-ding.


The final victory is ours

Author: celticgold.eu

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