19 March 2015

The Frankfurt Protests & a Simple Solution for Financial Well Being

Yesterday ahead of the opening of the new 1.2 billion ECB twin-tower headquarter protests things got out of hand as 7 Police cars were burned and 300 people injured.

The main stream media hyped what happened dramatically but for the most part Frankfurt was fine. The protestors highlighted the fact that the real terrorists actually sit in the ECB headquarter’s causing harm to millions of Europeans with their monetary policies. 

Outer conflict is a reflection of Inner conflict

What we see when people go onto the street and bash each other up is a mirror of an inner conflict. This inner conflict is rooted in a sense of powerlessness and restriction.

That means our financial well being is bound to what the Central Banks decide and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it - this is the powerlessness. 

If they decide to pump more money into the system it devalues our savings. Pensions, life savings, are all under threat with negative interest rates and rising fees and taxes. Moving out of the system is for many not possible because they are restricted in either accessing their assets or not having an option at all - this is restriction.

Retired Folks come in Hundreds with Buses to Demonstrate

In the evening around 17,000 people peacefully protested around the Old Opera where hundreds of retired people also came to demonstrate.

Retired folks face rising rents and taxes but their income does not rise as incomes of working folks does. So they experience this strain on their wealth on a continuous basis.

A Simple Solution - Buy Gold and Silver

To end the conflict of feeling financially powerless is to move outside of the system. Once you operate outside of the system it doesn‘t really bother you what the Central Bank decides as you won‘t be effected.

Owning physical Gold and Silver is the high road to:

a. get your financial power back and

b. end the financial restriction

Gold and Silver are the powerhouse of your wealth. It is a global standard, it can be exchanged into any currency at any time, it is exempt of capital gains in some countries and it is outside of the banking system.

Gold and Silver are the top investments in an unstable environment. Did you know that you made 1,438% profit by owning gold in the last monetary reform? 

Link: How gold made you a 1,438% profit

Moving some of your assets into gold and silver is so simple. It is the most powerful financial move you can make at this moment in time. Better get it while you still can.

Author: celticgold.eu

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