4 August 2013

The CelticGold Formula to Safeguarding your Wealth

This is the Celtic Gold Formula on money, gold and wealth. For new visitors to CelticGold and those that are looking to educate themselves on gold and money our site goes into detail on each of the points listed below. Updates to the topics are discussed regularly on our web site to provide as much education and information as possible on the Gold and Silver bullion markets.

1.    Gold is Money – Currency is a medium of exchange. Often currency is confused with the term money. No currency is backed by money on this planet.

2.    Creating debt and printing currency to infinity results in a loss of confidence and purchasing power.

3.    A loss of purchasing power means the value of savings declines. Decline means you can buy less stuff for the same amount of currency.

4.    Hyperinflation is the outcome of the loss in confidence in a currency.

5.    This will result in a collapse of the currency – globally. All fiat-currencies have failed historically. This is a fact. As it has happened in the last 2,500 years so it will this time as well.

6.    To protect the own assets from the eroding purchasing power of currency one moves into the direct and physical ownership of gold and silver.

7.    Gold and Silver (as all assets) move in cycles from under- to overvalued.

8.    The current bull market in Gold and Silver began in the year 2000 and the cycle may end between 2015 and 2020 driving gold prices into an area of $5,000 to $10,000 per Ounce.

9.    High Volatility, panic buying and selling will be part of the precious metal trading along the way.

10.    The investor needs to be set-up for a long term investment. The investor needs to re-evaluate the underlying long-term fundamentals on a regular basis.

11.    With a collapsing banking system and nations drowning in debt more restrictions and taxes will be imposed on the individual.

12.    The system of banks and governments is driven by fear. This fear is transported to the citizens and bank account holders.

13.    Educate yourself to remove fear. Fear lies in the unknown and/or a negative outcome of a situation in the future. Once you know what you need to know about money, gold and wealth, the fear will dissipate.

14.    To remove oneself from the fear in the system (which is not your own) you need to remove all of your assets from the system while you still can.

15.    The best storage for savings is the direct and physical ownership of gold and silver coins and bullion.

16.    Consolidation and low consumption in this phase of the market is a key strategy to strengthen you. Every unnecessary aspect of your life which you do not need to sustain gives you free energy. Money is energy; so is everything else.

Author: celticgold.eu

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