2 July 2014

The Best Emergency Money Available: The 50 gram Combibar

The Valcambi Combibar is one of the top selling Gold products at CelticGold. I personally have a few of them myself and I carry one of the 50 gram Combibars in my wallet.


One never knows when the ATM‘s run out of money. Being able to function in an unstable environment is key.


The investor who is interested in diversifying their investment portfolio into gold and silver needs to decide on the different gold and silver products that are available.


We at CelticGold recommend to invest a small part of the total available investment for gold and silver in an emergency money product. There are different options available. From small coins 1/20oz = 1.55 grams to 1 gram Gold Bars.


The gold and silver investor is always interested in buying at the lowest possible price. Let‘s look at the different premiums on the emergency money gold products: 

Product Fine Weight Premium
1/20oz Maple Leaf Gold coin 1.55 g 24.5%
1 Gram Gold Bar 1.00 g 23.2%
50 x 1 Gram Combibar 1.00 g 9.2%


Comparing the premium on the different available gold products we can see that the 50 gr. Combibar offers best value in the department „emergency money“.


The 50 gram Combibar has the same format as a credit card and fits nicely into any wallet adding real money to the fiat-currencies.


Check prices and availability below:

Author: celticgold.eu

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