4 March 2015

The Advantages of Anonymous Gold Purchases

With governments drowning in debt and Central Banks fighting deflation there is a threshold to how much governments can milk their citizens. Every time governments struggle with too much debt endless new taxes, fees and rules come into force.

Now they tax rain falling from the sky onto your roof. If you own property you know what we‘re talking about. 


The value of physical gold ownership goes far beyond the value of the metal itself:

  1. Gold is the most movable and untraceable valuable humanity knows
  2. Gold is anonymous
  3. Gold is a global investment and convertible in any currency at any place

The Advantages of Anonymous Gold Purchases:

  1. With CelticGold Gold can be bought per individual for 10,000 Euros in cash - no documentation or identification required.
  2. The gold can be moved freely and without threshild within the EU without having to fill forms or upfront declaration.
  3. Anonymous gold is totally segregated from any form of governmental confiscation or bail-in plans (As long as you don‘t tell anyone you got it).
  4. This gold can be easily sold to any bullion company or bank at a future date.

CelticGold offers to all customer „over the counter“ sales.

Contact us to book an appointment.

Author: celticgold.eu

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