2 February 2015

Silver is the New Gold - The Investment Opportunity of the Decade

Silver is regarded by many top analysts as the most undervalued commodity. Being currently vastly cheaper than gold, "the poor man's gold" is set to become in the not too distant future "the rich man's silver".

The following article will explain why Silver will dramatically rise in value over time and why the future of your financial well-being may greatly benefit by investing in this remarkable financial super-food.

Secure your Money from Government Confiscation - Buy Silver

The EU Bail-In directive came into force (1) January 1st 2015 to be in effect 1st January 2016. Outstanding derivative positions in banks are higher than the global GDP by factor 3 and will result in a wave of bankruptcies. (2)

When a bank goes broke they will seize savings from their customers. You may secure your money by investing in physical silver.

Why Silver is the Investment Opportunity of the Decade

There are three key factors that influence the silver price:

1) Industrial and Investment Demand

Silver is the second most useful commodity next to oil. Silver is being used thousands of industrial products. Silver is the most electrically conductive, thermally resistand, and reflective metal on the planet that has no known substitute.

According to Thomson Reuters Data published by the Silver Institute (3) higher coin and bar demand into 2015 could lead to physical shortages and higher local premiums.

2) Silver Supply

The Mine supply is expected to peak in the next 2-3 years (3). The supply from secondary sources will remain under pressure. In short: Supply tightens up.

3) The Gold/Silver Ratio

Gold Silver Ratio

The above chart from goldprice.org shows the 10 year Gold/Silver ratio. The ratio could move from 1:78 to 1:60 in 2015 with the price going up to $25. The current price is around $17 per ounce. Now imagine what happens when gold sells at $2000 per ounce.

The mid term cyclical pattern shows silver may go to fair-value of 1:50 in the next few years. 

Silver is Money - Cheap today; Expensive tomorrow

Historically Silver has successfully been used as a monetary metal. Despite the current weakness in the commodity sector Silver has gained in price; outperforming gold by 58% from the beginning of 2015.




Change in %

Gold in US Dollar




Silver in US Dollar




Silver Values:

  • Investment outside of the banking system and therefore safe of the "bail-ins"
  • By EU governments consider silver a "commodity" and therefore safe from "confiscation"
  • There is less investment-grade Silver available to buy than there is gold

Buy Physical Silver and Get it while you still can

CelticGold Inc. offers vat-free Silver held in allocated storage or shipped within the European Union at Europe's guaranteed best price.

Choose from a variety of different investment silver coins such as the Maple Leaf 1oz coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint with the highest purity of 999.9 available. The Maple Leaf silver coin is one of the  most minted investment coin globally and has two inbuilt security features: Radial Lines and Laser mark. (4)

CelticGold offers the guaranteed best price within the European Union. Discounts for larger orders of up to 3% are available.

Contact us for any question - We are glad to help.


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Author: celticgold.eu

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