5 March 2019

Recommended 100,000 Euro Allocation on Gold and Silver

Below you find the CelticGold.eu Q1 2019 Allocation in Gold and Silver. Please note the information below acts as an example for a model portfolio of 100,000 Euro, but can be scaled to individual needs:

Investment objectives:

  1. Investment 5-10 Years

  2. Amount to be spent over a period of 1-12 weeks, which allows to average into price dips

  3. Overvalue Silver as the Gold/Silver ratio is historically very high

  4. Products are instructed to ship for further secure storage

  5. Direct physical ownership involves no counterparty risk


Chart #1: Gold and Silver Ratio 20 Years

Further key investment assumptions:

  1. There is no plan to move products outside of Europe

  2. We added only silver coins for direct ownership, as buy/sell spreads are lower than compared to bars, due to VAT lost.

Investment recommendation:


Gold Coins:

All investment types, such as the Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Vienna Philharmonic, Australian Kangaroo and Britannia (should be a UK resident, those are to be preferred as they are exempt of Capital Gains Tax).

Buy what offers best value.

Silver Coins:

All investment types, such as the Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, Vienna Philharmonics and Britannia.

Gold Bars:

The 250g Gold bar offers a very low premium, in addition it can be shipped across Europe for very low rates. Whereas 500g and 1000g bars have much higher shipping rates.


50% in Gold and 50% in Silver.

See this link for further recommendations and recent best performing series. In general, add all new 2019 editions that trade at very low premiums:

  1. 2019 Queen’s Beasts Yale 1oz, 1/4oz Gold and 2oz Silver

  2. 2019 China Panda 30g Silver and 30g Gold

  3. Birds of Paradise

  4. Two Dragons

  5. 2019 Kookaburra, Koala and Lunar II Silver Series

  6. 2019 Somalia Elephant 1oz Gold and Silver

  7. 2019 Dragon 1oz Gold and Silver series

The allocation summarized including links:


in Euro

Recommended Products (click on link)

Gold Coins - Investment

22,500 Euro

1oz Krugerrand

1oz Maple Leaf

1oz Vienna Philharmonic

1oz American Eagle

1oz Britannia

Gold Bars

45,000 Euro

250g Gold Bar (Heraeus or any other 999.9 fine LBMA certified product)

Silver Coins - Investment

22,500 Euro

Maple Leaf

Vienna Philharmonic

Australian Kangaroo

American Eagle


Semi-Numismatics - Gold

5,000 Euro

1 of China Panda 30g or 1oz

1 of Somalia Elephant 1oz

2 of Queen’s Beasts 1oz (current year)

Alternatively 8 x 1/4oz to spread over previous years

1 of Lunar II Series (Pig, Dog, etc)

Semi-Numismatics - Silver

5,000 Euro

20 of Somalia Elephant 1oz

20 of Lunar II 1oz

10 of Queen’s Beasts 2oz, current year

1 of 1kg Kookaburra

1 of 1kg Somalia Elephant

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Author: celticgold.eu

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