25 April 2013

Physical Demand for Gold and Silver Surges: Irish Gold Bullion Dealer Product Availability

CelticGold comment: This article was published today on One World Chronicle.com and shows rising premiums in the Irish Bullion market.

With the recent drop in gold and silver prices the physical demand for bullion is close to record high levels in Europe.

In the last week precious metals dealers from all over the world have reported an exponential increase in sales for physical and gold that has washed out the inventory of many bullion dealers.

That’s surely reason enough to have a deeper look at the Irish bullion dealers and their availability.: We looked at the following websites of Irish bullion dealers and/or bullion dealers that are actively trading in Ireland to find out about availability:

Bulliondirect www.bulliondirect.ie
CelticGold www.celticgold.eu
Irish Goldbullion www.irishgoldbullion.ie
Goldbank www.goldbank.ie
GoldCore www.goldcore.com

Info about availability and shortages:

We couldn’t locate any news about physical shortages on the websites of the above dealers except CelticGold. CelticGold has announced that most products have delivery time. There is no news on availability on GolcCore, Irish Goldbullion, Goldbank and bulliondirect. Bulliondirect has removed pricing from their website and Goldbank has a reduced portfolio available for online purchases.


Premiums are on the rise. The 1oz gold coins sell currently at:

Dealership Premium on 1oz gold coin
Bulliondirect No price available online
CelticGold 5.22%
Irish Goldbullion 8.60%
Goldbank 8.00%
GoldCore 5.5%

Keep in mind that premiums (the difference between spot price and sales price) rise in times of ultra high demand. The record premium for a one ounce gold coin was up increased to 35% in October 2008. The premium shows the “real” measure of demand.

Buying Physical

The trend is moving away from of any form of paper and unallocated gold to the direct physical ownership. The increased buying activity adds to delivery delays.

As, except for two dealers, CelticGold and Bulliondirect, none of the other Irish bullion dealers displays delivery times or have announced shortages. Given the real situation in the market we would like to question the real physical availability with the remaining dealers: Irish Goldbullion, Goldbank and Goldcore.

One World Chronicle would like to recommend checking with the bullion dealer of choice about availability and delivery times before buying.

In these times it is common that displayed delivery times may be delayed and products with immediate availability should be bought with priority.

For example a bullion dealer that shows a US Eagle Silver coin without delivery time in the shop may have some in stock but this coin is definitely not available until the end of May.

Author: celticgold.eu

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