23 February 2013

Asking the Right Questions – Massive Perception Change in Gold coming

Gold is money not an investment. And if gold (and silver) is money; than it’s clear: Paper is not. And ‘paper’ is all we really know; Savings accounts, Options, Bonds and everything that carries a lot of debt – a Company with a low equity ratio for example.

This is the perception change that is underway, and has become bigger in the last couple of months.
Now, for all of us, knowing the history of money and the price manipulation that is going on (that we reported in depth in the newsletter from 18th September 2011) we see that gold in fact is money – and has been historically the best storage for wealth. Money that holds its purchasing power for centuries, being a worldwide standard that can’t be counterfeited and is durable for thousands of years, meaning it’s easy to transfer from generation to generation (without paying taxes I may add).

You change the perception by learning, understanding and asking the right and truthful questions.

Questions like:
- What happened to our (Central Banks) gold?
- Why did the Central Banks sell gold at lowest prices?
- How would you like to pay back the mountains of debt?
- Why does my portfolio loose over 20% of its purchasing power through inflation every year?

Thankfully there are many experts out there that work tirelessly to bring out the truth and help us to change our perception with three movements about gold:

Movement 1: Media reports
In the past there were only a handful insiders and traders that taught us about what’s going on. And it was tricky to get the correct information.

In the last few weeks watching the changes in the media, even mainstream outlets like Financial Times, Reuters and Forbes gives me that little internal ‘yes’, that’s the right way. People will benefit from this information. More and more well respected traders, economic scientists and fund managers like Jim Sinclair, Bill Murphy, James Turk, Michael Maloney, Alasdair McLeod, Seth Lipsky, Jim Rickards, Miles Franklin, Martin Amstrong, Ben Davies and Dan Norcini are all being heard by a broader audience.

These brave people that transport mostly free of charge their knowledge to us and the media. Off-main stream newspapers like the Sovereign Independent News (www.sovereignindependent.com) have more readers who are interested in the truth. And then some information from these well respected traders, economists, and fund managers goes to the main media which is very helpful. Below are some examples of this information finding its way to the mainstream media:

5 Steps back to a US Gold Standard:

Central Banks keep buying gold:

Reuters on French right-wing vote for metallic currency:

Learn more about why gold IS money with this article and two interviews:

Alasdair McLeod on Quantitative Easing:

Interview with Ben Davies on KWN:

Interview with Michael Armstrong on KWN:

We’re always sceptical about what the main stream publishes but these are a few exceptions. And hopefully they will increase the amount of articles they write about the real fundamentals about driving gold and silver.

The more people learn about the situation and what causes the problem, the more people will see that gold (and silver) is real money. This will indicate the next dramatic rise in the gold price – have a watchful eye.

Movement 2: Politicians asking the right questions
Politicians that have an understanding and knowledge about the currency markets are beginning to ask the right questions. Right now there are two politicians, Ron Paul, a senator from Texas, and a Dutch Socialist Party member that stirred up some questions.
Follow the story on the ‘Dutch Gold questions’ on gata.org: http://www.gata.org/node/10454 and http://www.gata.org/node/10543.

The bottom line is that this Party Member asked 10 questions about the whereabouts of the Dutch gold. The Dutch government actually answered this week.

I asked a Dutch friend and he said, the main stream media ignored this completely. But we’ll see how it goes; this development may attract the interest of the Dutch folks.

The second politician who is on the way is Congressman Ron Paul from Texas. He is a candidate for the 2012 US presidential election and is progold and against FED (Federal Reserve System). Read here his latest article where he discusses the Fed’s new initiative called “The Twist”.

The more politicians that ask the ‘right questions’ the more reports can be found in the main media. So that is the second movement to watch out.

Movement 3: More Central Banks are buying and more Countries are repatriating their gold
Before we go into the current development, let’s learn about history first.

After the Second World War most European Central Banks stored their trading surpluses that were settled in gold in the USA. They had their reasons, but it was mostly because the Western European Countries feared the Russians may come in and collect the gold. Other countries, like Venezuela stored their gold in the UK as it was easier to trade and settle international payments in the UK and have some gold stored outside the country.

Having reported about price market manipulations and the Gold-Carry-Trade, the big question is: How much gold is actually in the vaults on For Knox?

‘History Decoded’ a show on history.com recently did a report on the question- Is the Gold in Fort Knox gone? Find the episode on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXXMSduH6YE&feature=share

So the next interesting development is: Can the FED and the Bank Of England deliver to the countries that want to repatriate their gold? The first country was Venezuela that asked to get their gold back. Read here an article on the Repatriation of the Venezuelan gold starting in November 2011: http://af.reuters.com/article/idAFN1E79423620111006

The more countries that repatriate their gold, the sooner the truth will come out on how much gold is really in the vaults of Ford Knox and the Bank of England.

Watch out for the next Central Bank and/or country to repatriate their gold. In discussion right is right now: Germany, Switzerland and Mexico. Should be interesting!

In Summary all of the above movements are leading toward exposing the fraud, scam and manipulation that has been going on far too long. All of these developments are very bullish for gold in the long term.

Watch out for these developments:
… More central banks ask to have their gold back that is stored in New York.
… The private investor starts to buy physical gold
… A change in the options and futures exchange: Gold and silver must be traded physically.
… People invested in paper gold, such as Certificates, Gold accounts, ETF’s and Options realize that only physical ownership is the way to go and switch.

We hope this article and the information provided helps you to gain a basic knowledge about the markets. For some unknown reasons does the pdf document not support links that go over two lines. Apologies about the formatting in this week’s edition as we needed to have every link in one line.
James Turks Video:

Author: celticgold.eu

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