22 April 2015

Now reduced PayPal fees

Hello Everyone!

We are delighted to announce reduced PayPal transaction fees from 2.4% to 1.75% effective immediately. This is a savings of 0.65%.

This reduction is actually linked to you paying your gold and silver orders through PayPal. And 100% of the reduced transaction fees will be pass along to you. We will continue to monitor the PayPal fees and adjust them according to the gold and silver orders you put through PayPal to us.

CelticGold has now the lowest transactional fees in the Bullion Industry in Europe

The best performing bullion companies charge around a 2.0% handling fee to their customer and most bullion companies charge between 3.5% and 5.5%.

With the latest reduction in PayPal fees CelticGold handling fees of 1.75% are among the lowest in the bullion industry. 

PayPal Payments up to 5,000 Euros accepted

The CelticGold.eu shop accepts PayPal payments for up to 5,000 Euros. The 0.65% reduction means 32.50 Euro is saved for every 5,000 Euro order.

We thank you all for your business as this reduction is linked to your orders and transaction volume. Yet still 90% of the business is executed with bank transfers. 

Bank transfers to be preferred

With the introduction of SEPA payments bank transfers are executed fast and mostly free of charge from all of the EU member states to any bank account within the European Union. 

When transferring from British Pounds or US Dollars most customers use one of the many online transfer services such as transferwise.com and/or World First. 

Author: celticgold.eu

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