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2015-05-19  |  Product Availability & Shop Updates

We‘re great believers in gold and silver and we view the ownership of the real physical precious metals more important than ever. So we have worked continuously to improve the services and options for you. As we‘ve put up so much info lately we would like to summarize the last five improvements for a quick read. 

1) Up to 70% Savings through Combined Shipping option

Investors like to take advantage of price fluctuations and keep purchasing smaller amounts over a period of time. The idea is to combine several orders into one shipment to save on shipping charges compared to ship each order directly.

For example we had a gentleman from Ireland who saved 102 Euros on shipping by combining four silver orders together into one shipment which cost 54 Euros instead of 156 Euros.

Each new order with CelticGold qualifies for 3 months free high-security storage. Simply instruct „storage“ when checking out and after you received the payment confirmation the goods will be moved to „My Vault“. You will then be able to conveniently instruct shipping from your orders in storage.

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2) My Vault - Europe‘s only allocated storage solution with full online access at lowest fees


0.54% gold storage annual fee including VAT at Prosegur‘s Frankfurt vault will be charged for your goods in storage in the first year. 0.54% is only slightly above ETF fees of 0.40% on average but allocated storage provides much more safety and liquidity than ETF‘s.

My Vault allows you to monitor, ship and sell your goods in storage with one of the CelticGold vaulting partners: G4S in Tallinn and Prosegur in Frankfurt.

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3) New Pricing Models on most products and
4) 1.56% Lower Gold bar pricing

We have removed the pricing model for silver coin quantity 100+ on the most traded coins such as Vienna Philharmonics and Maple Leaf. The same discount now applies  for quantities of 1 or more. Now it is even more attractive to add orders over the free storage period and then ship the combined orders.

Double savings here: Up to 70% for combined shipping and the discounted rate from the first silver coin.

In addition to the new pricing models we also have reduced prices for gold bars from 10 grams to 1 kilo significantly. For example the 1oz Heraeus gold bar trades at 3.29% over spot whereas if you leave the decision to us whether to send a new Umicore or Heraeus bar the premium is only 1.73% - a saving of 1.56%. Meaning with every 10,000 Euros you save 156 Euros.

5) PayPal fees reduced

PayPal fees were reduced from 2.4% to 1.75% effective from 22nd April 2015. This reduction is actually linked to an increased volume of orders through PayPal so we have forwarded the saving to you.

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We hope you find these changes beneficial. Be sure to come to one of the next free talks and cash sales which will take place in Dublin and London in June. We‘ll announce the dates in the next week. Thank you.