Now Offering Permanent Allocated Storage with G4S in Estonia

2015-04-29  |  Gold & Financial News

Update August 31st: CelticGold does no longer offer storage with G4S in Estonia.

We are pleased to announce that CelticGold upgraded the partnership with G4S in Estonia for allocated permanent silver storage in their newly built ultra-security vault. The allocated storage under your name is held physically segregated from all other inventory, fully insured and audited daily. 

The storage fee is 1.2% including 20% Estonian VAT per year. This is of course for the value of silver in storage. The silver you buy is VAT free. 

Full (mobile) Online Monitoring & Shipment Instruction in My Vault possible - mobile friendly

No need for an App. All storage accounts can be monitored at any time in your secure customer account on from any device be it a desktop computer or smart phone. You may also instruct shipment (in part or full) online at any time. The same shipping costs apply as if you would order directly from the CelticGold website. 

As with all Silver shipments you will instruct our logistical partner CK Logistics who offer the fully insured UPS shipments to all of EU.

Limited Space & Insurance Upper Limits 

Silver takes in general more physical storage space per 1,000 Euros than gold, so there is a limit in physical space and insurance with G4S. We have currently about 1/7th of the allowance occupied. 

Combined Shipping and Free Storage

From the operational start of our silver logistics in Estonia in March 2013 we have offered free storage for 3 months to collect several silver orders over time and ship them together.

The main idea was and is to save on shipping costs per kilo. A package of 34 kilos costs less per kilo than a package of 2 kilos of weight. 34 kilos represents two boxes of each 500 coins of silver.

We are happy to continue the free storage offer, however within the free storage period the silver orders in storage are not allocated. They remain „reserved“ for later shipment and will not be sealed. This is due to the handling costs of silver which are in general higher. During the free storage period all goods with G4S are fully insured and audited daily.

The sealbag numbers within the free storage period show a „ST“ in front of the order number, this means „storage“ and shows the reserved status for future shipping.

After the free 3 months period - which is valid for each order - G4S will seal your orders and the My Vault history in your customer account will update with unique sealbag numbers. The silver order is now stored allocated and segregated. 

Your orders which are in the vault after the free storage period will automatically be subject to the minimum storage fee as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

At all times you are able to monitor your goods in storage, track the value and instruct shipment from your Vault in your customer account. 

CelticGold‘s G4S High Security Storage in Estonia - Overview:

Free Storage Period per Order:

3 Months

Storage Type:

Allocated, Physically segregated after 3 months free storage



Vault Insurance:

Yes, against theft, damage and loss

Web Security & Encryption:

Military Standard, RSA 4096

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Yes, we verify your identity via phone, strong password and default shipping address.

Minimum Storage Period:


Minimum Duration:

No, termination possible every day

Minimum Storage Fee:

Yes, 60 Euro incl. VAT per Year

Invoicing Period:

At the end of each quarter


Anytime during business hours Monday through Friday

MyVault Value Tracking:

Yes, online 24/7, mobile optimized

Storage Shipment Instruction possible:

Yes, online 24/7, storage shipment checkout mobile optimized

Pick Up Possible:

Yes, anytime during business hours Monday through Friday with 1 day notice