Important Delivery Information

2014-12-04  |  Product Availability & Shop Updates

Hello Everyone!

Thank you again for ordering from CelticGold. All orders are always handled in the most secure and fast possible way. But when it comes to delivery and shipping we depend on UPS and their drivers. In the time before Christmas all delivery companies move an unusual high amount of packages.

Pre-Christmas Hectic and Extra Precautions

As you receive a high valuable parcel you are asked to excise extra care when receiving and accepting the delivery. There are a four recommendations for a safe delivery especially for shipments starting in the beginning of December:

1) Check the shipment status with the provided tracking link in the shipment email or customer account regularly

2) Be present on the day of delivery

3) If you can't be present then please make sure a trusty person (partner, relatives, etc.) will take delivery

4) Call UPS to estimate a rough time for the delivery on the day

Signature needed

All packages shipped with UPS have to be signed off. However the Pre-Christmas hectic tempts some drivers to simply drop off the package on the doorstep without getting a signature. But as an extra precaution please have a look to see when the UPS driver delivers and also make sure you sign off.

Contact Us Anytime

Please contact us if you see anything unusual with the tracking progress we are happy to communicate with UPS immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.