CelticGold Weblink Series: The Keiser Report

2014-07-02  |  Books and Links

The Keiser Report



The Keiser Report aires every week on Russian media channel RT.com. The Keiser Report offers a behind the scenes look at the worlds top financial headlines covering everything from the corruption on wall street to the manipulation that occurs in many financial assets today.


The first part of the show takes an in-depth look at what is really happening behind the financial headlines with co-host Stacy Herbert. In the second part of the show Max Keiser, the host, interviews leading experts that discuss Central Banks, Currencies, The Stock Markets, and other topics that relate to the global economy.


The Keiser Report is an excellent resource for Gold and Silver investors who want to understand what is happening with Gold Supply and Demand; Gold Manipulation and the overall fundamentals for the precious metals.