CelticGold Video Series 2 of 7: What Gold and Silver to buy?

2013-07-24  |  Gold & Silver Videos

Stefan Kraemer, CEO of CelticGold AG is interviewed by the One World Chronicle.

This is the second of seven videos where Stefan answers a total of 70 questions about the ownership of physical precious metals.

Video 2 of 7: What to buy

11. One would assume to buy coins and bars, but are there other ways?
And what are the pros and cons of the different options?
12. Ok, when buying physical is the only real option; which products to favour?
13. How do I differentiate between collectors' and investment gold (and silver)?
14. Talking about investment physical gold and silver -- What should I buy here?
15. What ratio between gold and silver do you recommend?
16. Getting practical: A starter package for 10,000 Euro/Pounds what should I buy?