Three reasons why CelticGold might be your best choice

2019-03-08  |  CelticGold News

Diversifying into gold and silver bullion is task #1 for all investors who wish to add a safety net to their portfolios. The secret is in diversification, as precious metals not only hold value, but also perform very well over the long term. With system risks growing every day, having 10 to 20% your assets allocated in physical gold and silver may prove to be the smartest investment move you’ll ever make.



Reason #1: Be Safe: 100% Trusted, Fast, Reliable

CelticGold was founded in 2001, and is run by founder and CEO Stefan Kraemer. He has vast experience in the financial services industry with a background as an independent financial advisor. With over 10,000 global and loyal customers, CelticGold supports the entire bullion life cycle:

  1. Buying physical precious metals

  2. Ultra-high secure storage or insured shipping

  3. Selling bullion back to CelticGold

Customers give us an average of 5 ***** ratings on various sites such as google and

Reason #2: Getting The Best Value: Highly Competitive Pricing

Because of our long proven track record in the bullion business, we are able to offer the smallest spreads. In addition we are one the leanest and cost effective companies in the industry, which helps reduce fees and spreads. You will never be surprised by mysterious fees that you would have to read in the fineprint.

You will find huge savings on VAT-free silver coins with a fully insured and unlimited direct delivery option. This full service model is not always available with other bullion companies.  

Euros and 20 Crypto Coins are accepted.

Reason #3: Meeting all Investor’s needs: Premium Service

CelticGold will never compromise security. We understand ourselves as custodians of your wealth. If humanly (or legally) possible, we will do everything to suit your specific needs. whether delivering at a certain time, getting you real-time access to your stored products or setting up a sound investment plan. We will be there to provide outstanding service for your peace of mind.

CelticGold: We are your no-nonsense long-term partner on your path to financial independence.

Let’s get started now…

If you are new to bullion investing browse to the “How to Buy” Category.

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