Win 10,000 Euro Prizes with the 2017 Gold Draw

2017-12-29  |  Gold & Financial News

2017 Gold Draw

Update 6: The Winners have been drawn

The winning orders numbers are:

10th Prize 400003830

9th Prize 400003910

8th Prize 800006433

7th Prize 800006707

6th Prize 800006734

5th Prize 800006580

4th Prize 800006496

3rd Prize Dublin Ticke 015

2nd Prize 400003956

1st Prize 400003884

Watch the Draw Video here:

Update 5: January 4th 2018 | Gold Draw closed December 31st

Happy New Year and thank you all for your business and trust in 2017. We will publish the Gold Draw video January 11th 2018 and also notify the winners. It's too busy currenty. Thank you.  

Update 4: December 24th 2017 | Extended Gold Draw Days

All orders placed in the period from December 24th to midnight December 31st UK time will enter the Gold Draw TWICE. All "paid" orders qualify, starting from 100 Euros. We will announce another highlight in the Gold Draw video - so be sure to have many tickets in the Draw Bowl.

Update 3: December 6th 2017 - St. Nicholas Specials | Extended Gold Draw Days

All orders placed on December 6th 2017 to December 7th 2017 until midnight UK time will enter the CelticGold Gold Draw TWICE. The minimum order amount is 100 Euros per metal (Gold and Silver).
This includes all orders. Follow the links below to see current specials:

1oz Superman Silver Coin

5g Heraeus Gold Bar with Certificate

1/10oz Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Update 2: December 1st 2017 - Gold Draw Day

All orders placed on December 1st 2017 until midnight UK time will enter the CelticGold Gold Draw TWICE.
The minimum order amount is 100 Euros per metal (Gold and Silver).

Update 1: November 24th 2017 - Black Gold Friday Special

Every Gold and Silver order placed today until midnight UK time will enter the Gold Draw automatically.
Special Discounts are available on both gold and silver products in a dipping price environment.


CelticGold is launching a Free Gold Draw that begins on September 14th 2017. Customers who purchase more than 1,000 Euros of gold or silver from CelticGold will automatically be entered into the big draw. (The order number is the ticket.) Winners will be selected at the end of the year.

The winners will receive:

1st Prize - 5 x 1oz Gold Coins, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf or Kangaroo’s

2nd Prize - 2 x 1oz Gold Coins, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf or Kangaroo's

3rd Prize - 100 x New 1oz Kangaroo Silver Coins

Beginning on September 14th through the end of the year, every order of more than 1,000 Euros worth of gold or silver will automatically enter the draw.

We recommend that everyone subscribe to our Newsletter the "Gold Bulletin" to stay updated on Specials and Informations during the Free Gold Draw period. There will be a couple of surprises... so stay tuned.

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Watch the 2016 Gold Draw here:

CelticGold Free Gold Draw Process and FAQ’s


FREE Gold Draw FAQs:

What orders qualify?

Every order - gold and silver - above 1,000 Euro.

Is there an order limit?

No, every paid order above 1,000 enters the draw.

For example: Can I order twenty times for each above 1,000 Euros and redeem 20 tickets?

Yes, you can. You can also store these orders and then ship them combined to save on shipping charges.

I receive two tickets for my order when I order on Draw Days. How does this work?

There will be a total of three draw days during the promotion.

We will announce the dates in both our newsletter the Gold Bulletin and our website During the Draw Days every order above 1,000 Euros enters the CelticGold Draw twice. We aim to announce the Draw Days in combination with special offers and during periods when gold and silver price's dip.

I ordered but didn’t pay, do I receive a ticket too?

No, only paid orders enter the FREE Gold draw.

What Gold products exactly can I win?

The 1st prize will receive 5 x 1oz Gold coins. The winner can choose between the Maple Leaf, Krugerrand, Philharmonic and/or Kangaroo.

Are the winners shipments insured or do I have to pay anything to redeem the winning prize?

No, shipment and insurance are included free of charge. Only shipping addresses within the EU can be served.

Do Cash paid orders enter the Draw?

No, cash orders do not qualify because they are done without a name and address on the receipt.

Should I win, can I add the winning prize to my storage account?

Sure you can. Gold will be stored in Frankfurt with Prosegur.