11 August 2013

Michelle Obama and the Journey of 1,000 Steps in the Wicklow Mountains

(View of the lower and upper lake in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland)

Coming down from Dundalk on our All Ireland Gold Tour; I had stopped for two days in the Wicklow Mountains. The area in Glendalough around the upper lake with the monastery, the forest and mountains is very magical.


Being there feels very light, inspirational and both calming and energizing. It’s hard to describe but there are places that have more magic to them than others, say downtown Frankfurt, banking district.


Every time when I’m there my thoughts become very clear and I see things for what they are. Being clear is very vital for me.


In the morning I while I was having breakfast I noticed several of the Garda around. The policemen and –women were sitting around having tees and coffees. So I asked one of the policemen when walking out of the hotel driving towards the upper lake: “Did the president come about?”


I didn’t realize that the US President Obama was in Dublin for a talk on this day. So I have asked the policeman more in a jocular way.


He replied: “No, the president couldn’t make it but his wife Michelle and her daughters went to the lake and monastery.”

(The Obama’s with tour guide George McClafferty)

Needless to say; I was too late to see them when I started my journey of a 1,000 steps. There’s a circular walk in Glendalough which is marked with silver arrows and it takes you from the central point at the upper lake up the hill, along on top of the hill and then walking down hill towards the ancient stone quarry back to the Upper lake.


The scenery is breathtaking when you overlook the valley and the lakes. It’s only 12 kilometres but hiking up the hill, climbing 1,000 steps does qualify for two days of exercise.

(Upper Lake in Glendalough – very magical)

View from the silver walk in Glendalough, after climbing up the 1,000 steps)

So, I missed Michelle but would have loved to hang out with her at the upper lake and to ask her how she feels about how killing people contributes to peace in the world; as her husband declared the previous night ago on news show.


But there’s still hope that the magic of this place eventually helps to change things.


So this is the story about Michelle Obama visiting Glendalough and me huff’n’puffing up the hill, having signed up for the 1,000-steps-climb-up-the-hill journey. The hike was wonderful and included two days of muscle soreness; all free of charge I may add.


Should you go to Glendalough in Ireland stay at Lynhams of Laragh or one of the many B&B’s around Laragh and Glendalough. The Glendalough Hotel is too busy and crowded.

Author: celticgold.eu

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