Ultra-high Secure Storage made Available to All Investors

Mar 9, 2019

We at CelticGold make professional ultra-high secure storage solutions available to all investors. We...

No Cash allowed in Safety Deposit Boxes War on Cash heats Up

Jun 4, 2015

One of the biggest questions that precious metals investors have to answer is how to  store the metal after...

Now Offering Permanent Allocated Storage with G4S in Estonia

Apr 29, 2015

CelticGold does no longer provide storage with G4S in Estonia.

CelticGold introduces My Vault

Apr 29, 2015

My Vault is the convenient way to buy, store and sell gold and silver 100% allocated. The beauty about...

How to Store Gold and Silver

Feb 16, 2013

There are different options when it comes to gold and silver storage.  First let’s rule out all the paper-gold options. Paper gold is not real gold and if you can’t ...

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