CelticGold Market Report December 21st 2015

Dec 21, 2015

Gold closed on Friday at $1,165 down almost 1% for the week. The bulk of the decline came on Thursday...

CelticGold Market Report December 7th 2015

Dec 7, 2015

Gold ended Friday’s session about 2% higher to close at $1,084.10. The yellow metal had a strong week...

CelticGold Market Report November 24th 2015

Nov 24, 2015

On Wednesday of this week Gold prices hit a new yearly low of $1,062. However, Gold staged a bit of a...

CelticGold Market Report 9th November 2015

Nov 9, 2015

Gold prices were sharply lower on Friday closing at $1,087.70. It had already been a challenging two...

CelticGold Market Report 27th September 2015

Sep 27, 2015

Gold closed Friday at $1,146.30 and has produced a nice rally since our last update. The big catalyst for...

CelticGold Market Report 14th September 2015

Sep 14, 2015

Gold briefly fell below $1,100 on Friday but was able to stage a rally to close at $1,108.70. After rising...

CelticGold Market Report 31st August 2015

Aug 31, 2015

Gold staged a solid rally on Friday to close at $1,133.80. Since our last update two weeks ago Gold has...

CelticGold Market Report 17th August 2015

Aug 16, 2015

After enduring a difficult July, Gold investors had a good week as the yellow metal broke above $1,125 on...

CelticGold Market Report 3rd August 2015

Aug 3, 2015

Gold closed on Friday at about $1,095 and was able to bounce off of its lows earlier in the session to trade...

CelticGold Market Report 19th July 2015

Jul 19, 2015

Gold hit a five year low of $1129.60 on Friday morning before closing out the day at $1,134.47. The...

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