16 February 2013

How to Store Gold - Home Storage

How to store the precious metals is one of the most asked questions that we answer on a daily basis. When it comes to storage an important factor is that you feel safe and secure with your choice. And this varies widely from person to person.

There are a few tips and ideas you may like to consider when developing your ‘feel safe’ and storage strategy:

• How many persons know that you own gold and silver and have it stored at home? The less people know the safer you are.

• Amount of goods that are accessible directly. We always recommend having some of your gold and silver purchases stored with you so you can lay your hand on your goods. Determine the amount you feel safe at home and develop a strategy of how much gold/silver you like to store maybe abroad, with an insured vault or locally with a private secure storage provider.

When hiding your home stored goods be creative:
You can install an alarm system and build in a big safe which is what most people would do. But just by installing an alarm system you draw a lot of attention to your home.

How to store gold

Try to think outside the box and hide the goods cleverly. One of the best recommendations I’ve found was: ‘Think three layers deep.’ That means hide your goods away from the burglar looking for things to grab and go. For example in a mounted floor safe (first layer) under the wooden floor (second layer) and a rug or carpet on top (third layer).

Do also an internet search for: hidden compartments, secret bookcases. When I was growing up in the locksmith environment I helped my Dad a lot when installing security systems in houses, hotels, etc. And the way we looked at a place was that we searched for the weakest spot. The spot the burglar would break into a house the fastest with making the least noise. By then attending to this spot strengthening it the house became much safer.

How to store gold

My Dad always said: If someone wants to break in the house. He or she will succeed. What we can do is to make it as hard, time consuming and noisy as possible. The longer it takes to break in, the more likely the burglar will give up and search for a different target that is easier to manage in the burglars view of course.

How to store gold

To extended on developing a feel safe strategy when it comes to storage and home storage options we would like to bring your attention to the newsletter article from 6th August 2011 which is called: Knowledge: Storage What are your options?

You can find the article in the archive here:

Then we have expanded on segregated storage in this article on our website here:

Please keep in mind our little saying about owning gold: If you can’t hold it you don’t own it. That means we rule out every form of gold products that are not physical or that are not stored segregated under your name.

Author: celticgold.eu

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