26 August 2013

Gold, the spying scandal and what you can do to get some privacy

(President Putin holds a gold bar - The Russians love gold and are one of the biggest importers)

When there is no privacy left in the system of banks and government you should keep in mind that gold is the most untraceable and easily transportable good known to humanity. Gold knows no borders, it can’t go broke and it is mostly un-taxable and is accepted as money in almost every country around the world.


The story about the CIA spying on billions of people around the globe is hot’n’heavy in Germany right now.


The German government sent one of its ministers to the US and his mission was to object about the secret data collection. The bottom line of this visit was that he f***ed it up completely. In the end he thanked, Microsoft, Apple & Co. and the CIA for doing such a marvellous job in preventing terrorist attacks by spying on harmless people.


There’s one other German story where some posted he's going to the NSA party tonight at 9.30 at some place in town and exactly at that time the police showed up. Silly, really.


The German people are raging now over the news and internet reports about the loss of privacy and the government officials showing up on every radio show talking things down by saying: “Spying agencies such as CIA, the German BND, etc. spy all the time. It’s their bloody job; we prevent crimes!” says the spokesman.


The systems grip


We have to agree to the fact that there is no more privacy, or say very little left. If you have a Swiss bank account and think your data is protected; then think twice. It’s the same in the US, EU etc. The Germans had thought about giving Edward Snowden asylum but as they also buy CD’s from Swiss banks with account names and data from German citizens on it. Millions are paid to some fraudulent bankers and the governments view this as sensible tactics. The fraudulent Swiss banker got jailed in the meantime in Switzerland but Germany has decided again Snowdens asylum.


Our man Snowden sat in the Russian airport for 31 days until he got asylum and he said he wants also to learn Russian and get to know the culture a bit.


 Edward Snowden

(Our man Snowden in the Russian Airport: Better get a warm jacket, bro)


So we have a brave individual exposing the spying scam in the US and in the meantime the G8 wants to tax offshore companies – Spying and taxing; all in the attempt to pay back the debt that was created to prevent us, the citizens from terrorists.


Who is going to protect from us from the state?


Offshore companies hold trillions of un-taxed money. Legally un-taxed I may add because if the tax rate is 0%, you don’t have to pay taxes.


And according to the government officials, if they could just tax this money it would help dramatically to pay of the debt we have.




With the global Central banks printing money at light speed there is no way that this debt can ever be re-paid. Sometimes one has to wonder about the facts that government officials act upon.


The news is the news regardless what we want it to be. Gerald Celente always keeps saying this; and out of this news we can decipher what’s coming next.


The steps into privacy


The financial system knows it’s living on a mountain of fiat paper money and excessive debt. It knows its days are numbered. What this means is the system’s grip is getting stronger, more control and more restriction making it impossible to legally exit the system in the foreseeable future.


If the system doesn’t offer privacy – then privacy and liberation is outside of the system.


One of the smartest ways to move into privacy and outside of the system is to move into physical gold and silver.


Once you have bought it the trace ends with the bullion company. What you do afterwards is your thing. No one can trace gold and silver and you can take it with you where ever you go without the use of a bank. This is why the system doesn’t promote it and doesn’t like it.


Even if you don’t believe in all of the financial meltdown scenarios, be smart and own some physical gold and silver.

Author: celticgold.eu

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