22 March 2014

Gold Investors 101: Different Year Coins

When it comes to Gold Investing in coins the investor in general chooses from two coin categories:

1) Un-circulated and Mint-State coins and/or

2) Circulated coins

At CelticGold we offer coins in both categories and display them with the current year or with info "different years". 



For example you will see a Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin 2014 and a second product named 1oz Maple Leaf, different years.

The difference between the two products reveals the product short description:

1) The "2014" coin is Un-circulated and Mint State.

2) The "different year" coin is circulated.

In general a fresh minted coin is higher in price than the circulated coin.

As an investor you are interested to get the most possible gold for your money. 

Coin Grading and Trading Quality

Gradings are a bit different with bullion products than with collectors items. The only real question to the investor is:

Do I get the full price when selling the product on? 

In terms of grading the circulated products should be „extremely fine“ which is actually 99.5% the state of a fresh minted coin.

When you take a look at a „different year“ coin which is offered from CelticGold and „Mint-state“ coin that comes directly from the Mint you can hardly see a difference.

100% Authenticity Guaranteed

Banks and reputable bullion dealers always test and screen the coins. In the old days no one used this info as a marketing tool as it was common knowledge and common sense.

Why would any bullion dealer sell a product which is not tested?

Just to be sure: All offered CelticGold products are tested and screened and are 100% authentic.

When coins and bars are fresh supplied the products move through various warehouses to the bullion dealer. In the industry we call this the „chain of integrity“.

So when we receive a box of mint-state 500 Silver Maples we don‘t test them as we are the last link in the chain.


As a gold investor you are interested to get the most gold for your money. Choose the „different year“ product as it‘s of the same highest quality than the mint-state product and be sure that all offered CelticGold products are 100% guaranteed authentic.

Author: celticgold.eu

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