15 November 2014

Gold Investor 101: Fake Gold Bar Scare & Security Features on Kine Gold Bars

We have addressed some gold scams in previous articles and how to test gold and silver. This time we would like to address the security features offered from the Heraeus Gold Kinebars.

We reported before that the thread of buying fake gold bars is minimal when bought through a reputable bullion company. In addition there are also scare tactics circulating on the internet. As always bad news travels fast, but one should not go into fear and instead gain knowledge. But let‘s talk about the Heraeus Kinebars now.

Heraeus is globally one of the leading manufacturers of the gold products. Located in Hanau, approximately 20 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport, Heraeus started in 1851 with the successful melting of platinum.

From the Heraeus website: „The father of today’s global company was Wilhelm Carl Heraeus, a pharmacist and chemist who took over his father’s pharmacy in Hanau, Germany, in 1851“

Today Heraeus is not only a very traditional and professional company but also very innovative. Answering concerns of the global gold investment community Heraeus is the only company worldwide who is licensed to apply the Kinegram technology on their gold bars.

The Hologram Security Feature called Kinegram 

Kinegram Close Up

The above picture shows the Kinegram which is licensed from the Swiss Company OVD Kinegram AG. OVD invented this very sophisticated technology which is also used in banknotes to make them safer.

Full Range of Kinebars available at CelticGold.eu

In additon to offering next to the standard Heraeus and Perth Mint Goldbars, CelticGold now provides the full range of Kinebars. The Kinebars trade at slightly higher premiums then the „standard“ bars. The are very suitable for the first time investor and also for gifts.

The Heraeus Kinebars start from 1 grams up to 31.1 grams which is 1 (Troy-) Ounce. 

See the full range of bars here: Heraeus Gold Kinebar 

PS: Heraeus has a strict supply chain policy to insure the raw commodity gold will be supplied only from reputable source. See below link: Heraeus Supply Chain Policy

Author: celticgold.eu

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