17 November 2017

Gold and Silver Market Update November 2017

When looking at the charts, there looks to be some short term weakness in the metals, which the COT data confirms. We can see a downside movement before the charts are „clean“ again to build upside momentum.

Silver may move in the range of 15.50 to 16.00 USD/oz in the next two months. As usual „buy the dips“ to take advantage of these low price levels.

Gold prices may move back to 1,210 to 1,250 USD/oz area to resolve the bearish chart pattern. These lower prices levels will provide good entry points. If we see short term price hikes - we do not trust them asthe bearish chart pattern has to be resolved first before gold and silver will have enough momentum to start a new bullish trend.

Where do you invest Crypto Profits?

With Bitcoin and almost all other Crypto currencies going mainstream, most early-on investors are Crypto-millionaires by now.

Congratulations if you have been one of the early investors. Now: What is your profit taking strategy? As we all know no market keeps on rising forever.

Successful investing is only as good as the profits you take. We recommend taking  20% of the profits every time Crypto currencies double. The crypto trend may last another 1-2 years, so there is enough time to be on the crypto-train.

Gold and Silver: Most Undervalued Investments available   

Gold Undervalued compared to Stocks

When we compare gold and silver with other markets, we see levels of undervaluation last seen in 2008. So the idea is to slowly invest in precious metals by using profits taken from real estate, bonds, stocks and crypto.

Author: celticgold.eu

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