18 October 2013

FREE Gold Talk in London 23rd October 2013 - 7pm The Pelham Hotel

Update 18th October: Only 5 days until we meet in London for the latest research on gold and wealth preservation - Only 1 seat left.  Should you be interested, please email: info@celticgold.eu to reserve your seat.


Update 3rd October: 

The Pelham Hotel, Kensington, 15 Cromwell Place, SW7 2LA

Event Room 1

We're almost booked up. Should you be interested to come, please register your place. Email to: info@celticgold.eu - Thank you.


Please find below the full description of the FREE London Gold Talk:


After doing gold talks in Ireland Stefan Kraemer, CEO and Founder of CelticGold will give a FREE lecture on gold, money and wealth preservation tactics in London on the 23rd of October - starting at 7pm.


The financial and gold markets are in an interesting stage and there‘s lots of confusion which we will clear in London.


Please email: info@celticgold.eu to sign up; it‘s free.


The location of the event will be confirmed closer to the date here on our website. 




  1. Update on Global Monetary Situation & Where Gold will likely head
  2. How to avoid the Scams & The best ways to invest in Gold & Silver
    (This includes Exit Strategy and Storage Options) 
  3. Questions and Answers


Should you be interested in attending then please email: info@celticgold.eu to reserve your seat. 


Please also share this with friends and relatives who may be concerned about their financial situation. The time is now to get informed and act before the next crash happens.


Stefan, CEO of CelticGold says: „Our free gold talks were popular amongst the people who attended the All Ireland Gold Tour. Next to exchanging the latest news there was always plenty of time to cover all Questions and Answers. The Gold talks tailormade information maximizes the benefit for everyone. I personally believe time‘s running out to exit the Western banking system while we legally still can. The bail-ins were put into law in the EU and the question is not if it will happen but how much of a percentage will be seized from our savings.“


The FREE Gold Talk in London will start at 7pm on October 23rd 2013. Come if wealth preservation and asset protection interest you.


Email to: info@celticgold.eu and reserve your place.

Author: celticgold.eu

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