5 January 2016

Free Gold Talk & Cash Sales in Dublin, January 14th - 6pm

We will hold the next FREE gold talk and gold cash sales event in Dublin, 14th January 2016

Date: Thursday, 14th January 2016

Start Gold Cash Sales: 2pm by appointment only

(Cash Sales will resume after the free lecture) 

Start Free Lecture: 6pm

Location: Dublin - to be confirmed

Please email info@celticgold.eu to register your free space and/or book an appointment for the gold cash sales.

Orders accepted for Cash Sales until Monday, 11th January for Payment and Collection in Dublin, January 14th.

Should you wish to order in products for payment and collection on January 14th please email or phone us with your order and we'll have your order ready for collection in Dublin.

Please email: info@celticgold.eu to pre-order and sign up for the free lecture.

Gold Cash Sales - Start 2pm:

We will have gold products available for cash sales within the over-the-counter allowances.

As we do not stock physical metal in Ireland we do recommend to order via phone, email or fax and book an appointment. We will then have your order ready for collection and payment. 

This means no waiting times after the lecture on the evening when the cash sales will resume.

Free Lecture Program - Start 6pm:

  1. Update on Gold and Silver Price Action
  2. Fake Coins and Bars and Live Gold and Silver Testing
  3. Questions and Answers

Should you be interested in attending then please email: info@celticgold.eu to reserve your seat. 

Please also share this with friends and relatives who may be concerned about their financial situation.

Stefan, CEO of CelticGold says: „In the January talk we will focus on counterfeits and how to test gold and silver products. You are invited to bring one gold or silver investment product for free testing.“

Gold Cash Sales: Start 2pm - January 14th 2016 - Book an appointment, the cash sales will continue after the free lecture. 

The FREE Gold Talk in Dublin will start at 6pm on January 14th 2016. Come if wealth preservation and asset protection interest you.

Email to: info@celticgold.eu to book an appointment and to reserve your place.

Author: celticgold.eu

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