11 October 2016

Free Dublin Gold Talk & Cash Sales Event October 20th 2016

Update 1 - 11th October 2016:

As gold and silver prices corrected sharply in the last week, we decided to open the order window NOW. If you feel to secure the price with an order, please email us to: info@celticgold.eu.

If you wish to reserve a seat for the FREE talk please do so as well.

Thank you.


We will hold the next free lecture about the Gold & Silver markets at Merrion Vaults, October 20th 2016, starting at 6.00pm.

Gold cash sales will be available before and after the event on the 20th.

We'll be open for orders and price fixing from Thursday, 13th until Monday October 17th. Please call in or email and we'll confirm your orders to be picked up.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, 20th April 2016

Start Gold Cash Sales: 3pm
(Cash Sales will resume after the free lecture) 

Start Free lecture: 6pm

Location: Merrion Vaults, Hospitality House, 16-20 South Cumberland Street, off Merrion Square, D02 Y097 Dublin.

Free Lecture Program:

  1. What new US president will effect gold prices the most?
  2. Ban on Cash and how negative interest rates delay the Ban
  3. Questions and Answers 

Please email info@celticgold.eu to register your free space and/or book an appointment for gold cash sales.

Please also share this with friends and relatives who may be interested in gold and silver. 

Stefan, CEO of CelticGold says: „In the upcoming Gold talk we will take a deeper look at the US election and how gold prices will be effected. Is it Hillary or Donald that will drive gold prices to new highs?

Inside the high security area at Merrion Vaults we will also look at recent developments with the Ban on Cash and how negative interest rates delay these plans.


The FREE Gold Talk in Dublin will start at 6pm on October 20th 2016. Come if wealth preservation and asset protection interest you.

Email to: info@celticgold.eu and reserve your place.

Author: celticgold.eu

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