17 June 2013

CelticGold's All Ireland Gold Tour - Update

Wexford - 18th June

Cork - 20th June

Macroom - 24th June

Dublin 13th June - 7pm- concluded

Dundalk - 14th June - concluded

Killarney - 6th June - concluded

Are you concerned that your life savings may be “Cyprused”? Would you like to
know about Gold and Silver investing?

There’s no need to travel around  – We will bring the expert information to you!

Stefan Kramer from CelticGold will come to your town and give a FREE lecture about gold
and money. E-mail Stefan to: info@celticgold.eu and let him know your preferred date.

All you have to do is find a small function room and bring a few friends who would like to know the
secrets of gold, money and wealth.

The tour will take place in May and June throughout 15 towns in Ireland – if you feel that
knowing the secrets about money, gold and wealth and how to protect your assets is beneficial:
E-mail Stefan to info@celticgold.eu and “Save the Date” for your talk.

The CEO of CelticGold, Stefan will come and talk about:

1)      The Secrets of money, gold and wealth

2)      The best ways to invest in Gold and How to avoid the Gold scams

3)      Live Gold Testing of a Gold Coin

Here’s what Stefan has to say about the All Ireland Gold Tour: “The situation in Cyprus and the
recent orchestrated smash down in precious metal prices have shown that the system
of banks and lawmakers are doing everything they can to wipe out peoples savings and
scare them out of functioning alternatives. There is no care, decency or honour left and
all they can do is destroying our lives. We have to take responsibility and understand
what’s going on and why owning just a few pieces of gold and silver will protect and
increase our wealth. The secrets of gold and money are simple and for everyone to
understand. But most importantly they are highly effective and have always worked in
the last 5,000 years.”

The Gold Tour will be brought into 15 different towns throughout Ireland and you can arrange
a date in May and June for your town. Simply email to Stefan to: info@celticgold.eu and
save your date and time.

All you have to do is find a small function room, email Stefan the details and we will supply the
flyers upfront. Get in contact if you feel this will be beneficial for you, your friends, co-workers
and relatives.

On the evening we will have a friendly discussion about Europe’s debt crisis, where things will
likely head from here and how to best preserve and even grow your wealth in this environment.

Stay tuned here on One World Chronicle and CelticGold.eu – we will start publishing the tour
dates here from the beginning of next week.

Learn more about gold and silver investing in the One World Chronicle interviews Stefan of
CelticGold video series:

Part 1: Why buy Gold and Silver?

Part 2: What Gold and Silver to buy?

Part 3: What is the Price of Gold and Silver

Part 4: How to Buy Gold and Silver


Many Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Stefan Kramer

Author: celticgold.eu

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