3 July 2014

CelticGold Weblink Series: Trends Research - Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente



The Trends journal is one of the leading sources of information about the most important trends shaping the future. The Trends Journal is a fee based publication that comes out 4 times per year. It provides insights, strategies and opportunities that help a person navigate in these unprecedented times.


Gerald Celente is the founder of Trends Research and the publisher of the Trends Journal. He makes predictions about the global financial markets as well as historically significant events. He has also appeared on many media outlets to discuss his work.


Gold and Silver investors may find his Trends Journal interesting as some of his writings include predictions on currencies, equity and bond markets and the precious metals. 


Even if you decide not to subscribe to the Trends Journal, make a point to watch an interview with Mr. Celente in the media. He is entertaining and often has insightful things to say.


Author: celticgold.eu

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