24 July 2013

CelticGold Video Series: Part 3 of 7: What is the price of gold and silver

Stefan Kraemer, CEO of CelticGold AG is interviewed by the One World Chronicle.

This is the third of seven videos where Stefan answers a total of 70 questions about the ownership of physical precious metals.

Video 3 of 7: What is the price of gold and silver?

17. Where can I see the price of gold?
18. How is the price build?
19. How is Troy Ounce and Grams or Kilos measured?
20. What does premium or spread mean?
21. What is the difference in premium between a coin or bar
22. What is the price of silver
23. How are the prices linked?
24. Is the premium on silver higher or lower?


Author: celticgold.eu

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