30 October 2014

CelticGold Technical Website Update

Hello Everyone!

The programmers updated the CelticGold website mainly with the log-in bug fixes and also improved visibility of the different gold and silver shopping carts.

Cookies and Browser Cache

Every website that you browse stores some data from this website on your local computer. These so called cookies are saved in the browser cache. The browser cache has different names with different browsers. For example with Internet Explorer it is called „temporary internet files“ and with Safari it is called Cookies and Internet Data.

Should you experience any strange behavior than this is linked to old data from CelticGold stored in the Browser Cache.

Two ways to fix it

The first step is to clean or delete the browser cache in your browser. Please google how to do this for the browser you use. It should be done once in a while as a maintenance operation.The second way is to simply browse with a clean browser window by activating „private browsing“.

This feature is available in all internet browsers but they name it differently.

With Google Chrome it is called „incognito“, with Safari it is called „Private Surfing“ and with Firefox it is called „InPrivate“ mode. 

Log-in Bug fixed

A few of our customers experienced issues with the login of the website. Also with some accounts the link between user and password was not functioning properly.

It took a long time to actually find the bug but the programmers worked on it and fixed it. You should now have a very smooth browsing experience.

Please report bugs to info@celticgold.eu 

It is simply impossible to test all possible scenarios with operating systems, different browsers, devices and individial add-ons. This means some of you may experience issues.

Please email us any issues you may have with a screenshot and explanation and we are happy to get it fixed.

Thank you for your feedback and help.

Author: celticgold.eu

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