5 January 2016

CelticGold 2016 Strategy

In the last years we have provided free information and our financial and gold market view. Over 1,000 articles were researched and posted. The „big picture“ scenario that we shared a couple of years ago is on track and as always there are developments, twists and turns that we had and will have to adapt along the way. 

So we no longer will be publishing financial analysis and informations as the distortions seem to high to properly predict any short term movements and focus on product updates and specials deals in the Gold Bulletin from now on.

Update yourself on the fundamentals that were written out in the Gold University on our website celticgold.eu: 

Link to Basic Knowledge Gold University

We believe that 2016 will be a year of high volatility in all financial markets. For those who wish to follow the daily precious metals news the following websites below are news sources that cover the gold and silver markets. 





Gold and Silver best hedge - Long term picture confirmed 

As an investment outside the system we see gold and silver as the best hedges against the increasing madness. We observed that investors are increasingly interested in holding „physical“ gold and silver. About 10% of our customers started to store and trade gold for cash with us as they do not feel like keeping the funds in a bank account . Many countries are seeing record demand for coins and bars. The reasons to own gold and silver are only increasing as we go along.

Gold and Silver Price predictions 2016

We found the most comprehensive overview with in-depth videos and analysis on kitco.com.

Please follow this link: http://www.kitco.com/news/outlook-2016  

In general silver should outperform gold and the majority of the big banks such as HSBC views gold trading around $1,250/oz at the end of 2016. This would mean a 15% gain while at the same time the Dollar should continue to strengthen against the Euro. So for a Euro denominated investor higher gains may be possible.

On the other hand we see unpredictable situations in Europe such as the refugee crisis and massively higher governmental spending vs a slowing economy. High debt levels, more intervention by Central Banks and slower global growht will continue to lead to a lose of confidence in the major currencies. However, this may turn out to be another volatile sideways year for gold and silver.

Author: celticgold.eu

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