Practical Information for Gold Owners (How To's)


How to Combine Silver Shipments from My Vault

Apr 30, 2015

The main idea of combined shipping is to order small amounts of silver several times and then save on...

The Advantages of Anonymous Gold Purchases

Mar 4, 2015

With governments drowning in debt and Central Banks fighting deflation there is a threshold to how much...

UK Capital Gains Tax Exempt Gold and Silver Investments

Nov 19, 2014

When you are a UK resident then there is a tax on gains from selling assets and goods, for example...

Gold Investor 101: Fake Gold Bar Scare & Security Features on Kine Gold Bars

Nov 15, 2014

We have addressed some gold scams in previous articles and how to test gold and silver. This time we...

How to Sort out Pensions - Historical Values

Mar 9, 2013 Stefan Krämer

The pensions business is a huge multi-billion business. So you can imagine every advisor, banker, insurance man that does have a pension plan, saver plan, corporate sponsored pension, etc. will try to sell the product.


Step by Step Guide: How to Buy Gold and VAT Free Silver From

Mar 6, 2013 by Stefan Krämer

This a short (8 mins) editorial video on how to buy gold and VAT free silver coins from

How to buy physical Silver – A guide to the lowest price

Feb 24, 2013

Investors buy physical silver coins at Europe's guaranteed lowest price from CelticGold in Estonia vat-free. Discounts of up to...

How to make safe investment decisions

Feb 24, 2013 by Stefan Krämer

In turbulent times safety becomes vital. And safety stretches out on many levels. A safe job, a safe car, a safe home and a safe investment.

How to Store Gold and Silver - Options

Feb 23, 2013

Before our customers buy gold, there is often the question: How and
where do I store my gold?
Please read the following options:
1.  At your home or buried in the garden

How to Survive a Currency Crisis

Feb 23, 2013 by Stefan Krämer

Before we dive into the subject on how to survive a currency crisis, let’s do a crash course on how the currency system works and discuss some terms. Paper-currency, fiat-money and paper-money are all terms used to describe the same basic idea of how bank notes are backed.

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