Gold Price Manipulation

Latest Market Manipulation Capers

Feb 24, 2013

We’ve continuously written about the manipulation tactics of the big players such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. We started explaining...

Gold Carry Trade – How Central Banks sold peoples wealth always at lowest prices

Feb 23, 2013

This week’s headline indicates two subjects in itself, but they are linked
with each other.

First I’d like to explain the Gold-Carry-Trade what it means and how it works and then flow over to the subject of how Central Banks sold our wealth always at lowest price.

Gold and silver ETF’s support price suppression

Feb 23, 2013

We have always advised against buying silver and/or gold ETF’s. An ETF is an exchange traded fund that you trade through a brokerage account. These ETF’s buy and hold physical gold and silver – so the says the prospect. But the ETF’s do not allow you to take physical possession of your metal.

Gold Price Manipulation

Feb 23, 2013

Having reported in the last newsletter about the four market manipulation tactics, Gold-Carry-Trade, The Gold Pool, Gold Sales of Central Banks and Derivative...

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