Gold / Money History

What happened to the Swiss Gold?

Nov 4, 2014

Using the example of Switzerland we can document the procedure of the IMF. Until 1996 the Swiss franc...

The monetary reform in Germany of 1948 & How owning gold made you a 1,438% profit

Oct 15, 2013

This refers mostly to the implementation of the Deutschmark (DM) in „Western Germany“ (the English , American and French...

Gold ban – What happened 1934 in the US, what’s in discussion now and what to do.

Feb 23, 2013

Oh, well a friend forwarded an article about the gold ban in Austria and that banks restrict purchases of precious metals above 15,000 EUR. This article was provided by .

As it turned out this was false information as people in the internet discussed on how to buy gold anonymous. In addition if you buy in Austria you don’t have to show an ID for purchases up to 15,000 EUR. The Gold Ban issue is off the table – thank goodness.

What happened to the Irish Gold?

Feb 23, 2013

We did a series of gold talks in Ireland earlier this year and one of the guests asked: ‘What happened to the Irish central bank gold?’

What happened to the German gold?

Feb 23, 2013

For all goldbook owners: This is a full update on the story about ‘What happened to the German Gold?’ in ‘Deflation of Precious Metals (6)’ on page 37.

Academically proven Facts about the History of Money

Feb 23, 2013

Many of you that bought the ‘Goldbook’ know I'm a fan of monetary history as it shows clearly the cycles and how much we can learn from the past to protect and increase our wealth in today’s climate. It’s quite a statement to say: Every man-made currency failed. Gold has never failed.

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