CelticGold Market Reports

CelticGold Market Report December 7th 2015

Dec 7, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold ended Friday’s session about 2% higher to close at $1,084.10. The yellow metal had a strong week...

CelticGold Market Report 9th November 2015

Nov 9, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold prices were sharply lower on Friday closing at $1,087.70. It had already been a challenging two...

CelticGold Market Report 27th September 2015

Sep 27, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold closed Friday at $1,146.30 and has produced a nice rally since our last update. The big catalyst for...

CelticGold Market Report 14th September 2015

Sep 14, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold briefly fell below $1,100 on Friday but was able to stage a rally to close at $1,108.70. After rising...

CelticGold Market Report 31st August 2015

Aug 31, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold staged a solid rally on Friday to close at $1,133.80. Since our last update two weeks ago Gold has...

CelticGold Market Report 3rd August 2015

Aug 3, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold closed on Friday at about $1,095 and was able to bounce off of its lows earlier in the session to trade...

CelticGold Market Report 19th July 2015

Jul 19, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold hit a five year low of $1129.60 on Friday morning before closing out the day at $1,134.47. The...

CelticGold Market Report 5th July 2015

Jul 5, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold had another disappointing week hitting a three month low on Thursday. A weaker than expected June...

CelticGold Market Report 21st June 2015

Jun 21, 2015 celticgold.eu

Gold had a strong rally on Thursday and was able to post its second straight positive weekly close. The...

CelticGold Market Report 7th June 2015

Jun 6, 2015 celticgold.eu

The Gold price was lower on Friday, marking its third consecutive week with declining prices. It is a bit...

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